Translation of sectarian in Spanish:


sectario, adj.

Pronunciation /sɛkˈtɛːrɪən//ˌsɛkˈtɛriən/


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    (views/ideology/violence) sectario
    (schooling/school) confesional
    • But, after the earliest period, sectarian denominations became less and less important.
    • Meanwhile, three police officers were injured when sectarian rioting erupted on the streets of north Belfast on Sunday night.
    • Sectarian conflict is the deliberate consequence of foreign intervention.
    • One way to avoid any kind of sectarian essentializing leading to religious fanaticism is to read these texts in comparative and inclusive ways.
    • Even amid the worst sectarian violence, boxers here had a kind of diplomatic immunity.
    • Today those closest to our violent past seem to dominate the political landscape and many remain entranced by sectarian concerns.
    • And like any church, Adventism of course has its sectarian movements and offshoots.
    • The results exposed deepening sectarian polarisation between nationalist and unionist voters.
    • The IRA carried out retaliatory sectarian murders.
    • We are still in the process of ensuring that this armament is not sectarian in nature.
    • Occasionally, sectarian concerns discouraged both Protestants and Catholics from attending branches.
    • We can point, randomly, to instances that fuelled the fire of sectarian hatred.
    • Access to the school had been the focus of a bitter sectarian dispute last year lasting over four months.
    • At least 300 people have been killed in the Poso sectarian conflicts.
    • The press charged that the statement contained the same poisons that ignite sectarian strife.
    • He and his gang were planning to carry out random sectarian assassinations on Catholics in Belfast.
    • They have been forced to hire devotees of sectarian Orthodoxy, who inevitably influence the religious orientation of their students.
    • There is no room for petty insularity and sectarian nonsense - the Scots must see themselves as nimble enough to change and take on the world's best.
    • But it has been pursued with the same sectarian, thuggish, and ultimately self-defeating spirit.
    • The truth is that Northern Ireland is a state which nurtures sectarian divide and rule.
    • Well first of all I don't think of religion at all in sectarian terms.
    • At the Agreement's heart was a Stormont Assembly that institutionalised the sectarian divide.
    • I agree that sectarian clashes are a curse and there is need to bring these to an end.
    • This movement transcended religious and sectarian divisions and was determined to end the US-led occupation.
    • Each religion educates its young in a sectarian way, for religionists believe that to learn one specific path is sufficient and necessary.
    • The demonstration spanned the city's traditional sectarian divide, with marchers coming from every area.
    • They have carried out several sectarian murders and launched hundreds of pipe-bomb and blast bombs attacks on Catholic homes.
    • And the peace process itself entrenches the sectarian division between Protestant and Catholic.
    • Sadr's decision will also exacerbate sectarian tensions between the Sunni and Shiite elite.
    • With a separatist impulse, fundamentalism turned inward; but the sectarian subculture that coalesced was resourceful and vibrant.
    • It would unleash bloodshed, sectarian violence and regional instability - the very things that the invasion and occupation themselves have produced.
    • But when sectarian dominance in any form has reared its ugly head, things have been bad.
    • On Baghdad's streets, rumors are rife about renegade ministry of interior death squads, carrying out sectarian killings.
    • And as political questions move down the agenda, so cultural and purely sectarian conflicts have risen to the fore.
    • The truth is that the Orange Order can no longer parade in a nakedly sectarian and triumphalist fashion.
    • Had she ever been involved in any sectarian conflict when she was growing up?
    • Where sectarian activity can be proven among a club's support you suspend the club's licence.
    • In northern Iraq, sectarian tensions are also escalating in the wake of the referendum.
    • Their focus has been on Kashmir or on domestic sectarian violence.
    • Furthermore, a significant percentage of those organizations have been pervasively sectarian and used religious criteria in their hiring.
    • Random sectarian killings slowed and more IRA men were bumped off.
    • Socialist politics are the only way to break down sectarian divisions.
    • Chomsky himself has made some of the most deplorable, petty and doubtless sectarian attacks of any leftist I know.
    • By implication, black feminism is cast as sectarian in comparison with radical or socialist feminism.


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    sectario masculine
    sectaria feminine