Translation of sedation in Spanish:


sedación, n.

Pronunciation /səˈdeɪʃ(ə)n//sɪˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    sedación feminine
    to be under sedation estar bajo el efecto de los sedantes
    • to put sb under sedation sedar / administrarle un sedante a algn
    • This session will provide information for nurses who administer sedation and/or monitor these patients.
    • The man is still under sedation in the intensive care unit and consultants will assess his other injuries later.
    • Rau is currently undergoing intensive treatment under sedation in a high-dependency ward at Adelaide's Glenside hospital.
    • If the patient exhibits anxiety, medications for sedation also can be administered after the consent is signed.
    • They want circulating nurses to administer propofol for moderate sedation.
    • They kept me in a medical coma under sedation, so I have no recollection of that time.
    • He or she ensures that informed consent is obtained before any preoperative sedation is administered to the patient.
    • All those responsible for administering sedation should have received formal training and assessment
    • The nurse or anesthesia care provider may administer preoperative sedation at this time, if needed, to decrease anxiety.
    • A tube is passed through the larynx into the trachea to provide oxygen while the child is under sedation for 24-48 hours.
    • She had been given 5 mg intravenous diazepam for sedation, and colonoscopic diathermy or biopsy had not been used.
    • These biopsies usually require only local anesthesia with intravenous sedation and may be done as an outpatient procedure.
    • You'll receive fluids and medications for relaxation and mild sedation through an intravenous catheter.
    • We are confused about the difference between conscious sedation and moderate sedation.
    • Taken together with the clinical findings, CT under sedation was not required.
    • Dand C is an outpatient procedure usually done under sedation such as Fentanyl.
    • She also is an independent consultant and educator on the administration of conscious sedation to the perioperative patient.
    • However, some patients experience significant discomfort when sigmoidoscopy is performed without sedation.
    • During an implant procedure, will the patient be under sedation?
    • Flumazenil should be administered in a series of small injections so reversal of sedation can be controlled.