Translation of sedentary in Spanish:


sedentario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛdnˌtɛri//ˈsɛd(ə)nt(ə)ri/


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    • Thus, a well-trained athlete may have a more developed endogenous antioxidant system than a sedentary person.
    • Moderately active fat people have far lower mortality rates than do thin sedentary people, and the same death rates as thin active people.
    • So sedentary people often gain weight gradually.
    • If you're relatively sedentary, then you'll need less.
    • If implemented widely, such a strategy could result in major health benefits for sedentary people.
    • Are you going to slip back and be the sedentary person everyone expects, or are you going to stick up for yourself?
    • This does not always mean that they are sedentary.
    • Few people are so sedentary that they don't move around for at least one hour in the day.
    • If you are a sedentary person, that's a strike against you, because weight-bearing exercise increases the health of bones.
    • Compared with more sedentary people, athletes display greater skin perfusion for the same increase in core temperature.
    • These results are in startling contrast with studies conducted with sedentary people.
    • Being a completely sedentary person myself, I'm very impressed by people who stay fit.
    • Recent studies have also shown that children around the world are becoming increasingly sedentary, especially in poor urban areas.
    • For a sedentary person, disease risk becomes significantly higher when BMI exceeds 27.
    • On your day off you don't need to be completely sedentary.
    • In addition, 78 percent of Americans do not meet basic activity level recommendations and 25 percent are completely sedentary.
    • Along with larger portions of more fattening food, Americans have become increasingly sedentary over the last couple of decades.
    • The Governor said walking was essential for sedentary people to keep the system in trim.
    • Unfortunately, I am the most sedentary person there is.
    • Holman said Aaron's lifestyle in general was relatively sedentary.