There are 2 main translations of see in Spanish

: see1see2


ver, v.

Pronunciation /siː//si/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      I can't see a thing! ¡no veo nada!
      • you can see the whole city from here desde aquí se ve / se puede ver toda la ciudad
      • we haven't seen her for a while hace un tiempo que no la vemos
      • there wasn't a policeman to be seen no había ningún policía
      • to see sb/sth + inf
      • I didn't see her arrive no la vi llegar
      • we'll be sorry to see her go nos va a dar pena que se vaya
      • to see sb/sth -ing
      • I can see somebody coming this way veo venir a alguien
      • I saw them walking hand in hand los vi pasear / paseando tomados de la mano
      • now see what you've done! ¡mira lo que has hecho!
      • I'll believe it when I see it hasta que no lo vea no lo creo

    • 1.2(witness)

      I saw the accident vi / (formal) presencié el accidente
      • justice must be seen to be done es necesario que la gente vea que se ha hecho justicia
      • they're going to close it down — I'd like to see them try! lo van a cerrar — ¡que lo intenten si se atreven!
      • I won't stand by and see you insulted no pienso permitir que te insulten
      • Only if McConnell is bold enough to do this will we start to see real change in schools.
      • That's so cool, and I can understand why after seeing this for the first time earlier on.
      • I am going to be seeing a totally different way of life.
      • We haven't seen the latest figures for working families tax credit take-up.
      • Never before have I seen such a poor understanding of the highway code.
      • Experts on such matters say they have rarely seen such a comprehensive and damning judgement.
      • I do love my husband but I am now seeing a very different side of him.
      • I was in many ways sad to leave, I had seen something of a different life, not all of it good but all of it an experience.
      • The real measure of the GSC's impact will perhaps not be seen for another 10 years.
      • The chief constable has made pledges in this regard and we want to see those kept.
      • As an Irishman living abroad I've seen the changes in Ireland happening stage by stage.
      • He would love nothing more than to see Stanley earn a place in the Conference.
      • It's not something you ever want to see but you can understand why they took the foot off the gas.
      • The event may have seen changes in its history, but the prestigious trophy is still as sought after as ever.
      • One is also seeing some quite sharp differences there.
      • But when we finish and stand back, it's impossible to understand what we're seeing.
      • I am therefore pleased to see that serious consideration is being given to the provision of a skate park.
      • I would like to see a more balanced view among church people for John's crime.
      • It was an important political experience because we saw first-hand what life under Communism was like.
      • We support change and want to see a situation that is fast, efficient and safe.

    • 1.3

      (play/film) ver
      do you want to come and see the game? ¿quieres venir a ver el partido?
      • Doors will open an hour before race time so spectators can see some live entertainment.
      • After watching The Sun, I'm looking forward to seeing the previous films.
      • Censors at the British Board of Film Classification have not yet seen the film and are refusing to comment.
      • There's some great talent here and I'm looking forward to seeing the films.
      • I implore everyone who hasn't seen these three films to remedy that immediately.
      • I saw this film several times, just to watch audience reactions to a particular scene near the end of the film.
      • Having not seen the film, nor having any intention of doing so, I couldn't say.
      • It's not necessary to have seen the film in order to appreciate the music.
      • I'm looking forward to catching up with the previous movie, and seeing the next films whenever they come out.
      • Now call me old fashioned, but I've seen the film and it's not for the faint-hearted, let alone a child.
      • Sure, I jumped a little watching Scream, but I've never seen a film that has cost me a night's sleep.
      • I only read the book last year but Sunday was the first time I had seen the film.
      • It was like when I saw the film Magnolia recently and cried for the last hour because I thought it was so beautiful.
      • This is the main reason why going to see short films should be just as easy as catching the latest blockbuster.
      • I'd already seen the film at the cinema and I own the DVD but I wanted a fuller picture.
      • Almost everyone has seen this film and felt like they have been punched in the stomach at its conclusion.
      • Two hours after seeing the film, which highlights spring to mind?
      • However, if you want a real game of the people, go and see some Rugby League.
      • I watched them prepare for a game in Canberra, saw the game and then watched their recovery in Melbourne.
      • After seeing the film once, watch it again and pay close attention to Bacri's acting choices.

    • 1.4(look at, inspect)

      I want to see what you've written quiero ver qué has escrito
      • see over/page 20 ver al dorso/ver página 20
      • may I see your ticket? ¿me permite su entrada (or boleto etc.)?
      • You only had to look at the coach skulking up and down the touchline throughout the second half to see that.
      • Just from pure observation we have seen what have been till now undescribed behaviours.
      • All these years later it is nice to see that he has not only mastered cue ball control himself but has the ability to pass it on to his pupil.
      • He saw that his father noticed that to, but unlike Bertie he was not happy about it.
      • She saw that he had written the word Love before his name, but cancelled it out messily.
      • He was a most remarkable man, and I believe you can see that in the painting.
      • You would have to experience the joy on their faces when they see that we really care for them.
      • And if you read your policy you will see that the final payout was not guaranteed.
      • She only needed to look into the black, pupilless eyes of her brother to see that.
      • I see that you e-mailed on Tuesday, so I assume that you have managed to hold her off until now.
      • His sleeves are turned under to fit - and he sees that I've noticed.
      • Everybody could see that he could train a winner, good winners, but this was a different level of the game.
      • But I saw that I was speaking to a man who was a shadow of his usual self.
      • When my pudding arrived I was at first disappointed to see that the custard was just a decorative swirl.
      • He sees that some were written in a different style so he has this whole list of names of people who are writing in his box and he's trying to collate them.
      • Take a closer look and you'll see that it's also a wonderful time-saver when it comes to typing.
      • From her expression, I could see that she was not sure why we were talking so much to her.
      • Once he sees that she has noticed, he decides that maybe he won't bother to cry after all.

  • 2

    • 2.1(perceive, notice)

      I can see you want to get rid of me ya veo que quieres librarte de mí
      • she's so in love, she can't see his faults está tan enamorada que no le ve los defectos
      • I don't know what she sees in him no sé qué es lo que le ve / qué es lo que ve en él
      • you can hardly see the join apenas se nota la unión
      • anyone can see she's upset cualquiera se da cuenta de que está disgustada
      • He was last seen wearing a blue jacket, white T-shirt, black tracksuit trousers and trainers.
      • Its windows were shuttered, so that no one could see into the court from outside.
      • On a clear day the hills of the Isle of Man can be seen in the distance.
      • There were a number of other witnesses who saw the incident from fairly nearby.
      • I have actually seen people walk past my house with a full wheelbarrow.
      • Police are appealing for any witnesses who saw the accident to contact them.
      • When you walk among the headstones and read the names, you can see into the future.
      • He removed his sunglasses and I saw his dark blue eyes and the heavy bags under them.
      • While he was inside the shop, he saw his dark blue car being driven away at speed.
      • For as far as she could see in either direction the traffic on the motorway was motionless.
      • I laughed and pushed him away as I saw the familiar blue pick up truck coming down the road.
      • It worries me that people living in those flats could see into the bedrooms.
      • She met the Pope during his 1982 visit and later saw him at the Vatican.
      • Behind the counter there was a doorway through which Mike could see into the kitchen.
      • Next to the table, she sees her favorite light blue dress draped over a chair.
      • He opened his blue eyes and, seeing Wesley, grinned with a suddenness that was startling.
      • He has often been seen wearing a blue and red hooded top and white trainers.
      • From here you have a view over the whole mountain, and far in the distance you can even see Sofia.
      • It comes apart, allowing us to see into the interior of each of the three floors.
      • He said he was keen to speak to anybody who had seen Mr Hutchinson, possibly on Saturday night, on the path or in local pubs.

    • 2.2(learn from reading, hearing)

      I see Mrs Baker's retiring así que se jubila la señora Baker
      • I see from your application form that … he leído en su solicitud que …

  • 3

    • 3.1(meet)

      I'm seeing him on Tuesday lo voy a ver el martes
      • when can I see you again? ¿cuándo nos podemos volver a ver?
      • do you see a lot of them? ¿los ves a menudo?
      • I looking forward to seeing Mark as we've been apart for a few days.
      • Working together is a happy experience, she says, and is often the only chance they get to see each other.
      • But after months of inner turmoil during which she continued seeing Main only as a friend, she decided to bring matters to a head.
      • It may be their last chance to see each other, as Mr Spence feels he will be unable to undertake such a long journey again.
      • Never mind playing together, they've hardly had the chance to see each other.

    • 3.2informal (go out with)

      salir con
      they've been seeing each other for two months hace dos meses que salen juntos
      • We continued seeing each other and he did it again, so I ended the relationship with him and asked him to support his child and leave me alone.
      • She's still not seeing Lonny, the boyfriend she broke up with two novels back, but aches for him anyway.
      • She couldn't continue seeing both Cartwright men, it wasn't fair to any of them, including her.
      • I began seeing one of them regularly and she said she wanted to stay with me.
      • The couple have been on a string of dates in Australia and have continued seeing each other since they returned to Europe
      • While we saw each other regularly, our lives changed and we grew apart.
      • It was purely circumstantial that I should meet them so soon after we started seeing each other, so I tried not to become too overwhelmed by the experience.
      • The only guy I was seeing regularly was Raul, the cashier at the local Mexican takeout joint.
      • Henry decides to continue seeing Lucy, in an attempt to find a way for her to remember him.
      • My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other exclusively for a year now, and we always use condoms when we have sex.
      • She accepts, and before long they are seeing each other regularly and falling in love.
      • For Jones, that summer would have meant spending long days with Mitchell, the boyfriend she had been seeing for three months.
      • I get told by some of our other mates she has been seeing other guys while her husband is offshore.
      • They had a summer of champagne, discreet suppers and walks by the Seine, but after that they saw each other less regularly.

  • 4

    • 4.1(socially)


    • 4.2(for consultation)

      you should see a specialist deberías ver a / ir a un especialista
      • I want to see the manager quisiera ver al gerente / hablar con el gerente
      • to see sb about sth
      • you should see a doctor about that nail deberías hacerte ver esa uña por un médico
      • can I see you about something privately? ¿podría hablar con usted de un asunto privado?
      • I went to see her about the loan fui a hablar con ella por lo del préstamo
      • see your travel agent consulte a su agente de viajes
      • I then had to wait in the queue with all the other patients to see the same consultant as them.
      • Another injury victim, Andy Heald, sees a specialist this week over his sciatica, but former skipper Davey Luker is unlikely to feature again this season due to work commitments.
      • Lauren currently sees a physiotherapist who works on improving mobility in her weak limbs and also attends Chippenham's Springboard playgroup for children with special needs.
      • A pupil at Knowleswood School, Holme Wood, Courtney is seeing a specialist next Tuesday to see how her foot can be re-built.
      • He sees a specialist this week but it is thought the crack is already healing and it is hoped he will be fit for the start of the season next month.
      • Kiwi keeper Mark Paston is seeing a specialist this week about a recurring stomach injury.
      • Most people's symptoms are so mild that they don't bother to see a doctor about them.
      • At school Shawn sees a physiotherapist and occupational therapist every day and has a speech and language therapist who work with and alongside the classroom staff.
      • He only realised that he had dyscalculia when he went to see Professor Butterworth.
      • Days before his death, Mrs West had gone to see a solicitor about beginning divorce proceedings.
      • He thought that the bite was superficial and did not bother to see a doctor.

  • 5

    the doctor will see you now el doctor lo verá / lo atenderá ahora
    • It allows more patients to be seen sooner and this rapid assessment can lead to the earlier detection of serious illness.
    • But the GTC report says that not all teachers with voice problems will be seen by a specialist.
    • Light suggests that consultants be made to see NHS patients for a minimum of three days a week.
    • He did not need hospital treatment but was seen by the police doctor.
    • Ninety-nine per cent of patients are being seen inside the government target of four hours.
    • It is understood the child will be undergoing surgery later today after being seen by a specialist.
    • If your doctor or dentist refers you urgently with suspected cancer, you will be seen by a specialist within two weeks.
    • The average waiting time to be seen for a consultation is three years and that time is also getting longer.
    • Her mother wanted her to send for her father; he was sick and needed to be seen by a specialist soon.
    • We were unhappy about my wife not being seen by any professional during the first trimester.
    • With a sense of defeat, I included him on the list of patients to be seen by the consultant on his next ward round.
    • Such patients also need to be seen by specialists quickly and as often as needed.
    • Children registered at the practice will also continue to be seen under the NHS.
    • He says it would reduce pressure on other practices in the town and give people more chance of being seen by a dentist.
  • 6

    I don't see any point in going no veo qué sentido tiene ir
    • he didn't see the joke no entendió el chiste
    • he's taking winter clothes, but I can't see the point va a llevar ropa de invierno, pero no veo para qué
    • I can see no reason to worry yo no veo que haya ningún motivo para preocuparse
    • do you see what I mean? ¿entiendes?
    • I fail to see what's so funny yo no le veo la gracia / no veo qué tiene de gracioso
    • you'll have to apologize — I don't see why I should vas a tener que pedir perdón — no veo por qué
    • I can see (that) you're in a difficult position, but … me doy cuenta de / comprendo que estás en una situación difícil, pero …
    • She knew nothing about the outdoor life but once he talked about it, he could see she understood his passion for it.
    • They have no concept of what America is made of and even now they won't see that.
    • Yet somehow the worthies who distribute our lottery money could not see that.
    • The audience can see that he is acting the part of a gay man and can also see what it costs him.
    • In considering citizenship, we saw that it entailed more than simply a formal badge of membership in a national community.
    • You just have to look at how busy the practice range and the fitness trailer are each week on tour to see that.
    • But the morose teenager could not see that he was doing anything wrong or illegal.
    • When we have this tool, you will see that Americans will care more about the world.
    • It may be understandable to see how a young man, fresh from a life of crime could paint such violent pictures.
    • On my recollections I cannot see how we can consider voting for such a man.
    • I can see that, confronted with two intruders in the middle of the night, you might lift a weapon in panic.
    • If we look more closely at the figures we see that ethnic minorities are mainly concentrated in the lower ranks.
    • If we look closely at our mind we can see that it is made up of individual thoughts.
    • The flowers are getting tatty and I've driven by there often enough to see that.
    • With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that the disruption was permanent.
    • If we rid ourself of hindsight and our own contemporary mindset, we can see that they had no choice but to opt for the latter.
    • It sure was great to see that this was the problem and to now know exactly how it feels when this is the problem.
    • When you stop to consider, you see that it has a lot of the elements that make up a good line.
  • 7

    (consider, regard)
    try to see things from my point of view trata de ver las cosas desde mi punto de vista
    • I see her more as a friend than a teacher la veo más como amiga que como maestra
    • I see nothing wrong in it yo no le encuentro nada de malo
    • Ryan sees Frannie as socially withdrawn yet privately self-confident.
    • The issue at stake in all of this is the way in which society treats those who are seen as different.
    • Taking a step back for a moment, a vertically integrated business sees itself quite differently to a functional or divisionalized organization.
    • Decades later, these riots generally came to be seen as understandable upsurges against suffering.
    • This was equally popular with the people of Ancient Rome and going to a race was seen as a family event.
    • The event was seen as a big success and it is hoped to repeat it all next year.
    • Otherwise, this public consultation will be seen as a cosmetic exercise.
    • The medical profession sees itself, and is seen, as expert in understanding and managing disease.
    • He saw himself as a professor of the holy scriptures and a teacher of the church.
    • Speed, daring, and deep penetrations without regard to flank security came to be seen as essential.
    • Both contain harm, and both could be seen as reasonable by different people.
    • It sees itself as part of Europe, but also regards itself, and its workers in Western Europe, as a victim of systematic discrimination.
    • He sees this severest of slumps slightly differently.
    • Their situation was seen as a test case in an issue which will eventually affect dozens of homes on the Marine Valley estate.
    • Sweeney sees this as a reflection of the far greater career choice available to graduates.
    • Matt sees the Party as being split between four groups.
    • What if everyone sees everything differently?
    • Those close to him say that his ideas have become grandiose, that he sees himself in a different league, a league of front line leaders of the world.
    • He sees himself as special, but to be that he has to get results.
    • I think the baths will be seen as very different from everything else.
  • 8

    • 8.1(visualize)

      me, a writer? I can't see it, somehow! ¿un autor, yo? ¡me cuesta imaginármelo!
      • can you see him as a teacher? ¿te lo imaginas de profesor?
      • I can still see her face when she heard the news es como si estuviera viendo la cara que puso cuando se enteró

    • 8.2(envisage, foresee)

      I can see there'll be problems veo que va a haber problemas
      • to see sth/sb -ing
      • I can't see it working no creo que vaya a funcionar
      • I can't see him being able to persuade her no creo que la vaya a poder convencer

    • 8.3US informal (accept)

      we could move Johnson over to Sales — OK, I can see that podríamos pasar a Johnson a Ventas — bueno, eso me parece bien

  • 9

    • 9.1(find out, determine)

      I went to see what was happening/what she wanted fui a ver qué pasaba/qué quería
      • I'll have to see what I can do tendré que ver qué puedo hacer
      • Out came the veterinary textbook to see whether guinea pigs can harbour scabies.
      • It will be interesting to see whether, over the next decade or so, this has the hoped for effect on trial size.
      • This was reason enough for me to investigate and see whether I would agree with him.
      • It will be interesting to see whether an appeal by Pringle succeeds to any extent.
      • We are undertaking a review to see if we can consider making any savings.
      • It will be interesting for you to see whether your own approach took account of these points.
      • It will be interesting to see whether the Ministers will have the courage to embrace this emotive issue.
      • I then considered both points to see whether their placing in the chart was appropriate.
      • He looked so set on some course of destruction that I decided to follow him to see what the outcome would be.
      • Come to think of it, it would be interesting to see whether such theses are remotely true or not.
      • It will be interesting to see whether the tradition of handing down family photos survives.
      • It will be interesting to see whether this starts a spate of controversial videos in the next few months.
      • It'll be interesting to see whether you still find them similar as the story continues.
      • ‘If it's a success then we will consider seeing if it's feasible to have another one,’ she said.
      • It will be interesting to see whether the BBC will consider them for an audio medium.
      • At the time, police launched an investigation to see whether Miss Reid was breaking the law.
      • Then we might see whether or not oil and gas producers charge less to their own countries than they do to the export market.
      • So, with all due respect, let's see what the outcome is before passing judgement.
      • It will be interesting to see whether this will encourage them to back this most radical option.
      • It will be interesting to see how the club get on if they are given a new location and a new identity.

    • 9.2(ensure)

      to see that
      • the umpire's job is to see (that) there's fair play la tarea del árbitro es asegurarse de que el juego sea limpio
      • see (that) you're there on time no vayas a llegar tarde
      • see that it doesn't happen again que no vuelva a suceder
      • He saw to it that the club's property and income was maintained at a time when other clubs were closing down.
      • But yesterday she saw to it that the rights of pensioners were kept in the public eye.
      • In following up these, one would have to be careful to see that they were loops that led back to the main road and not dead ends.
      • I have had them checked to see that they are sound, and they are no danger to any structure.
      • As I was getting off the train, I checked to see that my wallet was stuck in the top of my bag.
      • Trust and verify is drill jargon for reminding yourself to check the gun and see that it is not loaded.
      • Without more ado, he saw to it that our request was granted, personally organising delivery of the said jerseys.
      • He saw to it that all his children received a good education, and most of his daughters were to hold significant court positions.

  • 10

    • 10.1(experience, undergo)

      I doubt if I'll live to see it no creo que yo llegue a verlo / que yo llegue a ver el día
      • she won't see 40 again ya no vuelve a cumplir los 40
      • I don't think he'll see 60 no creo que llegue a cumplir 60
      • I want to travel and see (a bit of) life quiero viajar y ver mundo
      • his hair looks like it's never seen a brush! parece que se hubiera peleado con el peine

    • 10.2(be the occasion of)

      in a week which has seen the start of … en una semana que ha visto el inicio de …
      • after 24 hours of violence which saw several people dead después de 24 horas de violencia que arrojó un saldo de varios muertos
      • next Thursday sees the launch of the new model el próximo jueves es la fecha señalada para el lanzamiento del nuevo modelo
      • This week also sees a special free Christmas raffle with fabulous prizes on offer.
      • Last year's General Election saw the SSP standing in all of Scotland's Westminster seats.
      • Next Saturday afternoon sees the Racing Post Trophy at Doncaster, the last Group 1 race of the British season.
      • Next May sees full council elections across England and Wales, and the BNP is aiming to pick up seats in target areas such as West Yorkshire and Barking, east London.
      • The dramatic reconstruction sees Cornwall's tropical gardens impersonating the sweltering heat of Darien.
      • This year sees the club celebrating both the Centenary of Rotary International and the 40th Anniversary of the North Cotswolds Club.
      • The 15 months since that night have seen the Libertines break up, make up and almost fall apart.
      • The series of television debates in the American presidential elections has seen ratings soar.
      • Mr Frost said the school had chosen an integrated approach to IT, which sees computers incorporated into every lesson, rather than segregated off into a separate suite.
      • Wednesday also sees the Community Association meeting.
      • Saturday night sees Keane play at Southampton Guildhall.
      • This is yet another event to have seen an increase in number as last year were just four teams entered.
      • This Monday sees publication of a draft bill for reform of the House of Lords, with support from senior figures in all three parties.
      • Tomorrow sees the first Emergency 999 event, which will see York cycling paramedic Mark Inman put to the test.
      • We are now right in the middle of the sheep sales and Saturday sees the annual Blakey event, where there are over 2,600 breeding sheep and store lambs.
      • This month sees the first professional pantomime at Leatherhead Theatre in seven years.
      • That year saw the first Festival with Lord Harewood as director, and the featured composer was Schoenberg.
      • Every day that passes sees the obituary columns of broadsheet newspapers bring us more examples.
      • The final move sees operations manager King take up the post of Brentford's general manager.
      • The last few days of this election campaign will now see a bitter fight over the most hated man in America.

  • 11

    • 11.1(escort, accompany)

      to see sb to the door acompañar a algn a la puerta
      • to see sb home acompañar a algn a su casa

    • 11.2informal (bring, last)

      $500 should see you to the end of the month con 500 dólares debería alcanzarte / te deberías poder arreglar hasta fin de mes
      • that's enough to see me till tomorrow con eso me alcanza hasta mañana

  • 12

    (in poker)
    I'll see your five, and raise five more voy tus cinco y subo otros cinco
    • I'll see you te veo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      I can see better from here desde aquí veo mejor
      • can you see inside? ¿ves algo adentro?
      • to see into the future ver el futuro

    • 1.2(look, inspect)

      see for yourself! ¡compruébalo tú mismo!

  • 2

    (understand, realize)
    can't you see he loves you? ¿no te das cuenta de / no ves que te quiere?
    • I see (accepting explanation) entiendo
    • he's deaf, you see es que es sordo ¿sabes?
    • it works like this, you see? funciona así ¿ves?
  • 3

    (consider, think)
    let's see vamos a ver
    • I'll see, but I can't promise anything voy a ver, pero no te puedo prometer nada
  • 4

    (find out)
    will the car start? — I'll see ¿arrancará el coche? — vamos a ver
    • will it work? — try it and see ¿funcionará? — prueba a ver
    • what's going on? — you'll soon see ¿qué pasa? — ya lo verás



  • 1

    let's have a see! ¡déjame ver!

There are 2 main translations of see in Spanish

: see1see2


sede, n.


  • 1

    sede feminine
    the Holy See la Santa Sede
    • The sees of Edinburgh and Saint Andrews in the east, and of Glasgow in the west have been co-equals since the Middle Ages.
    • In ecclesiastical affairs, the see of Canterbury claimed a comparable hegemony.
    • The sees which they founded in Meissen, Magdeburg, and Merseburg all became major vineyard owners.
    • Responding to long-reiterated complaints, the Council of Trent had insisted that ordinaries reside in their sees.
    • In his last years he wanted to resign his see to become a Cistercian himself, but was refused.
    • The title of archbishop ceased to be used for these two sees of the episcopal church in Scotland after the revolution of 1688.