Translation of seedless in Spanish:


sin pepitas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsiːdləs//ˈsidləs/


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    (grapes/oranges) sin pepitas
    (oranges/grapes) sin semillas
    • Most cultivated bananas are seedless, but the memories of seeds remain as brown specks within the flesh.
    • The fruit is seedless, bright orange in colour, less acid than other mandarins, and keeps well.
    • Both are sweet, seedless fruits borne by large, vigorous trees.
    • Frozen seedless grapes add a festive touch and help keep drinks cold.
    • If you like mushrooms on your pizza and red seedless grapes as a snack, you may be taking the first step to help your body ward off breast cancer.
    • The very infertility of the hybrids thus propagated was cleverly used to create seedless fruits, which in and of themselves are interesting in practical pomology.
    • Our consumption of seedless fruits and veggies is on the rise, trading flavor and fertility for convenience.
    • Popcorn, dried figs, fresh cranberries, seedless grapes, or thick slices of a fresh orange can be strung into garlands and hung onto the higher boughs.
    • Good paste tomatoes are seedless, meaty, and on the dry side - qualities that also tailor them perfectly to sauces and sun-drying.
    • Take a seedless green grape and cut it almost in half, leaving the halves connected by a bit of skin.
    • Oranges are called seedless when they contain five seeds or less
    • The theory goes that early hunter-gatherers must have stumbled across rare mutant plants that produced seedless, edible fruit - the forefather of today's commercial varieties.
    • The crisper drawer contains two apples, a bag of black seedless grapes, and a bulb of garlic.
    • Since bananas are seedless, they do not rely on the germination of seeds to propagate themselves.
    • We also dipped and dried our own prunes and figs, made raisins from seedless grapes, and dried the walnut crop in the fall for winter storage.
    • Perhaps that's why seedless grapes were invented.
    • Cloning sheep would thus resemble the mass production of seedless oranges: genetic engineering designed to increase the pleasure and value humans get from property.
    • Strange notions take over your mind when you've only had four hours of sleep and so I picked up seedless grapes, a cucumber and a coconut.
    • My salad consisted of thin slices of tender chicken and whole, seedless red and green grapes and cherry tomatoes on a bed of salad leaves.
    • The grape joins a series of top-quality red, white and black seedless grapes developed by this expert team.