Translation of seeming in Spanish:


aparente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsimɪŋ//ˈsiːmɪŋ/


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    • One issue with the exterior design is a seeming lack of individuality, as it appears to combine design cues from a number of other cars and look a bit generic.
    • Here are some of the seeming contradictions that appear in the space of just two-thirds of a USA Today page.
    • This explains the seeming paradox of why we have a lower acceptance of combat casualties with a volunteer military than we had with a draft Army.
    • The seeming acceptance by the Royal Family of the heir to the throne's new wife has also been of major importance.
    • Last season's rookie of the year scares the big teams of the conference, with his seeming indifference to pressure.
    • A major reason for the seeming indifference is the cost of treatment.
    • Much discussed is the seeming indifference of many young people.
    • This seeming indifference to atrocity feeds the central government's sinking reputation at home and abroad.
    • What is more illuminating is your seeming indifference to the lack of consideration paid by the BMCC Board to student issues.
    • As a tourist who was then about to leave for China, I had wondered if this alleged seeming lack of attention to basic standards of restaurant health and safety was common in China.
    • This seeming inadequacy of the real world is the crux of Shaw's enterprise.
    • To an outsider the banter, the seeming indifference to the awful things being done to the patient in this room in the cause of health, are shocking.
    • Of course this perspective is not available to the empiricists, and they do not have such a straightforward explanation of the seeming necessity of mathematics.
    • Yet in the seeming confusion, there is apparent order.
    • They reported being overwhelmed at times with the societal pressure to give their kids things - and the seeming lack of gratitude their kids possessed.
    • Such reform is arranged of seeming necessity within the context of a silent covenant.
    • A logical pattern develops, with seeming natural consequences appearing for a variety of actions.
    • How can we explain this seeming inconsistency?
    • While his anti-administration sentiments make him a seeming dissenter, he is very quick to state, though not as a contradiction, that he also loves his homeland.
    • One of the big differences between the pre-1989 and the post-1989 left is the seeming lack of any serious economic manifesto published by the latter.