Translation of seep in Spanish:


filtrarse, v.

Pronunciation /siːp//sip/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (moisture/liquid) filtrarse
    water was seeping into her shoes el agua le estaba calando los zapatos
    • his energy was slowly seeping away las fuerzas lo iban abandonando poco a poco
    • to seep in irse filtrando
    • water was seeping in between the tiles el agua se iba filtrando / iba penetrando por entre las tejas
    • Water was seeping through the crack in the windshield.
    • Lee got irritated as she saw blood seeping out of a gash on her hand.
    • As the mist seeped back into the ground, the rest of the house slowly returned to normal.
    • Blood had seeped through the makeshift bandage, soaking it through.
    • Oil has seeped into the water table, and air pollution is a serious problem.
    • He couldn't even sense the cold and wetness seeping through his clothes.
    • There was a large area of pinkish wet seeping through the bandage.
    • I have lived in rented accommodation where we welcomed the rain seeping through the ceiling because it discouraged the rats.
    • Blood was slowly seeping out of his body.
    • Water seeped from ruptured pipes and corrugated iron dangled from the roofs of the damaged shops.
    • When you remove the ring after completing the layering you'll have a pretty pool of green oil seeping out from the edge.
    • Water seeping into exposed pores allows for frost action.
    • Her television and video exploded last week as water seeped into the house.
    • He knew he was bleeding by the wetness seeping down his leg, but he lacked the will to check out his injury.
    • Water seeped into her knee-high boots, and completely soaked her socks.
    • The water seeped into the main bar area, covering about a 10 metre square space.
    • He later realised liquid was seeping from her mouth, and called an ambulance at about 3pm.
    • Water seeped into deep holes he dug, enough to quench thirst for another few days.
    • A popular tourist attraction at Mistley has been damaged by water seeping into the walls.
    • Water is said to be seeping into the basement and the foundation may well be threatened.