Translation of seethe in Spanish:


bullir, v.

Pronunciation /sið//siːð/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be agitated)
    the crowd seethed around the platform la multitud bullía en el andén
    • the square was a seething mass of demonstrators la plaza era un hervidero de manifestantes
    • to seethe with sth
    • her mind was seething with images las imágenes bullían en su cerebro
    • the town was seething with tourists la ciudad estaba plagada de turistas
    • His voice was cool, but she knew he was seething with rage.
    • Amy seethed with anger on the inside, but forced herself to smile.
    • The hostile-attribution bias, which kicks in when you're seething with anger, makes matters worse.
    • Samantha seethed inwardly, and Bryce, watching her, saw her pout return.
    • The product of a broken home, Tim seethes with a silent rage that manifests itself in exceedingly destructive ways.
    • Once upon a time, I would have ducked my head and seethed privately.
    • He also breaks down and makes a startling admission that will have fans of the book seething with anger.
    • I was seething with bitterness and rage as I placed Golf Digest back on the table.
    • In Wrexham, I was seething at the injustice of it all.
    • I can either seethe with jealousy or you can be my new hero.
    • ‘He was seething,’ one of the Afghan commanders said.
    • I'm practically seething with anger before I'm even halfway through this old lady's cart of Christmas ornaments.
    • He paused, noticing that Devon was still seething with anger about Officer Sizemore.
    • Staring after him, still seething with rage, I breathed heavily.
    • On the walk back to the tent with Liz, Gina inwardly seethed.
    • I am seething with rage at anyone who dares suggest that, in any way, such acts are even explicable, let alone justifiable.
    • Inwardly he was seething with rage against himself.
    • She was seething, but her anger was frighteningly under control.
    • I recall he listened rather impassively, but it was not until he saw me next week in the office that I realized he was seething with anger.
    • The country is seething with resentment against alternately corrupt civil and military governments.
  • 2

    (be angry)
    estar furioso
    I was absolutely seething estaba furioso
    • she seethed with indignation/anger/rage hervía de indignación/de cólera/de rabia