Translation of segment in Spanish:


segmento, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈsɛɡm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (of circle, sphere, line)
    segmento masculine
    • Two similar problems were to trisect an angle and to produce a line segment whose square has the same area as that of a given circle.
    • Given the way that we have defined line segments, a great circle makes a good definition of a straight line.
    • A system of three equations was derived using distances from three adjacent line segments drawn between vertices.
    • The main purpose of the work is to investigate the volume of segments of these three-dimensional figures.
    • The chord of the segment is given, as is its area, and the student is asked to compute its height (the length of the perpendicular bisector of the chord to the circle).
    • For example, when we start with a hexagon, the final shape may be a segment, a triangle, or another hexagon.
    • Newton gave a method of drawing the Cissoid of Diocles using two line segments of equal length at right angles.
    • This he affected by circumscribing a semicircle about an isosceles right-angled triangle and a segment of a circle similar to those cut off by the sides.
    • Using a different approach, Archimedes found the surface area of a sphere, and the surface area of any segment of a sphere.
    • Given partial information about a segment of a circle, how do you compute what you want to know?
    • He found the length of an arc of the cycloid using an exhaustion proof based on dissections to reduce the problem to summing segments of chords of a circle which are in geometric progression.
    • It is assumed that the unsupported outer border of the pouch deforms into a segment of a circle and that the material does not stretch much.
    • We can mark a point on the side that divides it into segments of length a and b.
    • As in the treatment of Siegel, lipid monolayers in the intermediates are assumed to form surfaces that are segments of spheres or of spherical torroids.
    • The researchers identified short segments of DNA that show up only in a specific species.
    • Seminary education was divided into four segments, initial preparatory school being the only one which offered some Slavonic.
    • Only about half the length of the duplicated segments corresponds closely with their genetic length.
    • The sympathetic nerve supply to the lung arises in the upper six thoracic segments of the spinal cord.
    • There are large segments of our society that do not have equal access and are being left behind.
    • In many of the others, the spaces are divided into segments, more or less corresponding to the different generations.
    • However, special attention must be paid to the donor chromosome segment around the target gene.
    • Its genome is made up of 100 million bases divided into six segments, or chromosomes.
    • Segmentation means dividing memory into several segments and accessing memory by both segment pointer and offset.
    • Acrylic is perhaps the fastest-growing segment of the glazing market.
    • The overall growth of the SUV segment has come, in part, from a rising industry.
    • Spinal implants continue to represent the fastest-growing segment of the global orthopedic market.
    • Furthermore, the courtyard's pavement is divided into ten segments.
    • Arrange the blood orange segments over the top of the meringue in a decorative pattern.
    • Following card games, video and computer games comprise the largest segment of the gaming community.
    • Within the first chamber the first segment of the siphuncle appears.
    • Arrange the lemon, tangerine, and blood orange segments on top and around the mousse cake.
    • Drug offenders are the fastest-growing segment of prison populations in the United States.
    • Who can deny that today, organized crime dominates certain segments of the Bulgarian economy?
    • Secondly, heritage tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry.
    • This specimen cannot be specifically identified because it lacks the cephalon and first thoracic segment.
    • Unlike the agnostids, polymerid trilobites typically have more than two or three thoracic segments, and the pygidium is usually smaller than the cephalon.
    • Agnostids have only two or three segments between the cephalon and pygidium.
    • They have a number of body segments (known as somites), which are sometimes fused to form rigid areas, or are free but linked to each other by flexible areas.
    • The ventral branchial arch segments of placoderms are so poorly known that nothing useful can be said.
  • 2

    (of citrus fruit)
    gajo masculine
  • 3

    (of worm)
    segmento masculine
  • 4

    sector masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (circle/line) segmentar
    (fruit) dividir en gajos