Translation of segregate in Spanish:


segregar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛɡrɪɡeɪt//ˈsɛɡrəˌɡeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (races/sexes) segregar
    (rival groups) mantener aparte
    they are kept segregated from the rest of the prisoners los mantienen aislados del resto de los presos
    • segregated school escuela en la que se practica la segregación racial
    • Black men fought in racially segregated units in the Civil War, first with African American officers and then, after 1863, with white officers
    • The Pentagon's official policy is to segregate juvenile prisoners from the rest of the prison population, and allow young inmates to join family members also being detained.
    • In fact the only reason we're segregating it from the body of our posts is because it's got a different name.
    • She has been segregated from the rest of the women in the prison ‘for her own safety’.
    • Blacks in Washington, led by Sojourner Truth, boycotted segregated public transport.
    • Brown has been overturned and the education system is segregated again.
    • The result was a travel industry segregated along race lines, which reflected ‘not racism but ignorance’.
    • One of the key principles in corporate governance practice is to properly segregate the powers for decision-making, execution and independent monitoring and challenge.
    • Even the federal government and military were segregated up to this time.
    • They can be defined sociologically and claim a unity that partly or wholly segregates them from the surrounding society.
    • The fragmentation of groups by government and police enable them to isolate and segregate different elements of a social movement in order to attack individual parts and impose an uncontested dominant structure.
    • The 24th Infantry Regiment was as segregated as the rest of the Army at the time; that is, white at the top, black in the ranks.
    • Recent research into the effect of US Charter Schools points to the creation of a socially segregated two-tier system.
    • At first attending religious services segregated by race, slaves gradually accepted Christianity.
    • The key to good recycling practice is to ensure that all recyclable materials are segregated correctly.
    • A public middle school in South Carolina is segregating its classrooms.
    • It required that blacks and whites be segregated on the basis of race.
    • The securities laws now provide that a firm must segregate its customers' moneys and hold them in a separate client account.
    • Baltzell maintained that social status in the U.S. has been segregated along religious and regional lines.
    • Up to that point, baseball had been as segregated as the rest of American life and blacks were forced to practise their craft in the Negro Leagues.
    • Schools in Dundee are already beginning to segregate pupils by gender for PE classes, a practice which was phased out after the Second World War.
    • I strongly believe that it is anti-social to segregate children's entertainment away from their family as a separate category.
    • Racial groups are segregating themselves and retreating into ‘comfort zones’ made up of people like themselves.
    • It is also pressing for the lanes for public transport to be segregated from the rest of the traffic on the bridge.
    • The last thing he and his fellow polio sufferers wanted was to be segregated and treated as people apart, because they were not.
    • All segregated education must end.
    • Our data suggest that this difference in tertiary structure alone will segregate these membrane proteins into two different diffusion classes as well.
    • Also, let us not forget that the military institution provides us with a means to segregate the less desirable members of society from the rest of us normals.
    • The units are ethnically segregated and under a separate ethnic chain of command.
    • That fence has served its place, but now the different races living here aren't segregated anymore.
    • At present the army and the police are segregated from the rest of society, and are more or less unaccountable to the mass of people.
    • The Alabama bus system was segregated by race, with the first ten seats reserved exclusively for white people.
    • Employment opportunities in segregated or partially segregated settings will continue under the new legislation.
    • The four inmates - who are segregated from the rest of the prisoners - were only allowed to associate with each other one at a time, until earlier this year.
    • The effect of non-secular, religious and segregated education is very destructive on the society as a whole, and on our children's happy, normal life, and upbringing.