Translation of select in Spanish:


elegir, v.

Pronunciation /sɪˈlɛkt//səˈlɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (gift/wine/book) elegir
    (gift/book/wine) escoger
    (wine/gift/book) seleccionar
    (candidate/team member) seleccionar
    you have been selected from over 200 applicants ha sido usted seleccionado de entre 200 candidatos
    • the towns were selected at random las ciudades fueron elegidas al azar
    • reductions on selected models rebajas en una selección de modelos
    • Thirty sites were selected randomly from this list for further evaluation for inclusion in the project.
    • Texts are carefully selected to represent topics that are relevant to the child's world.
    • Williams was originally selected in the second round of the 1998 NBA Draft by Chicago.
    • Winners were selected on the basis of statistics provided by the Billboard Information Group.
    • Two terms of elective subjects follow in which students may select from a wide variety of courses.
    • Political parties usually have one powerful leader who carefully selects candidates from different socio-economic, regional, and ethnic backgrounds.
    • You don't have the freedom to go everywhere, but you must often select from branching paths.
    • Respondents are also informed as to how and why they were selected to participate.
    • The recipient is selected by a committee of past award recipients.
    • More than 5,000 pupils nominated their favourite teachers and the five winners were selected by a panel of judges.
    • Potential students select from available programs, typically within their own cities or states.
    • Eleven of the 40 amplified samples were selected randomly for DNA sequence analysis.
    • Special prizes will be granted to winners selected by an expert jury in early December.
    • A shortlist of 100 entries will be selected by a panel of judges.
    • Of those who agreed, the post office then selected which branches to close.
    • Colonies were then selected on the basis of size differences.
    • Young teachers felt proud to be appointed and we could select from the best available.
    • While there were many people vying, only one candidate was selected to represent the party.
    • Panelists are carefully selected to participate in the sensory evaluations.
    • Studies found that news stories involving national security are more likely to be selected by editors.


  • 1

    (school) de élite
    (school) exclusivo
    (district) distinguido
    (district) exclusivo
  • 2

    (fruit/wine) selecto
    (wine/fruit) de primera (calidad)
  • 3

    (especially chosen)
    (group) selecto
    only the select few solo los escogidos
    • a select audience una selecta concurrencia