Translation of self in Spanish:


Pronunciation /sɛlf//sɛlf/

nounPlural selves

  • 1

    (person, personality)
    she puts her whole self into those paintings vuelca todo su ser en esos cuadros
    • she's her old self again vuelve a ser la de antes
    • you're not your usual cheerful self no estás tan alegre como de costumbre
    • her better self su lado bueno
    • the self el yo
    • She'll more than likely be back to her old self before you know it - and she should appreciate that you've been so cool about it.
    • By some combination of his own sheer determination, the wonderful work of colleagues, and the support of his family, he seemed back to his old self again.
    • I was wondering when you would get back to your old self.
    • I started out quiet and introverted, then I blossomed a bit, then I went back to my old self.
    • He's being his usual charming self, as he always is when medical personnel are trying to help him.
    • She was never her old, cheerful self anymore.
    • Once the glitter is gone, you are back to your old self.
    • I only said to him last night that he was back to his normal, bubbly self.
    • It's great to see that he is now fully recovered and back to his old self.
    • You really need to help him exercise his better self.
    • More than that, Australia is positioned as not merely America's partner but her better self.
    • He was in a great deal of pain and found it difficult to be his old, cheery self.
    • She smiled, and apparently returned to her usual cheerful self.
    • The writing self (the author) is different from the living self (the person).
    • Despite my lack of sleep, I think I'm back to my old self again.
    • Each person brings into the school his or her unique self.
    • Martin had returned to his usual, cheerful self, and seemed inclined to pretend nothing had happened, which suited Wendy.
    • All's intact if you can be your usual charming self.
    • It took work and time but I got back to my old self.
    • In Algebra II the next day, Jason was his usual cheerful self.
  • 2

    she thinks only of self solo piensa en sí misma
    • Political stability can equally only be achieved when political parties place national interests above self.
    • For the unscrupulous, office might give access to large profits or the manipulation of power in the interests of self, friends, or family.
    • In it, she draws from the Greek myth of Narcissus, the young man who falls in love with his own reflection, and plays with that notion of desire and passion for self.
    • For some it is the pursuit of money and possessions, but for others it could be the love of self or pleasure, the god of fashion, driving ambition, or something else that controls our thinking and actions.