Translation of self-confidence in Spanish:


confianza en sí mismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌsɛlf ˈkɑnfəd(ə)ns//ˌsɛlfˈkɒnfɪd(ə)ns/


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    confianza en sí mismo feminine
    autoconfianza feminine
    • This self-confidence lies behind his avid and vocal support of spiritualism in the last 20 years of his life.
    • I was told that my name characterised self-confidence, independence, and academic success.
    • Dressed in a silver-patterned silk shirt and tailored trousers, he exudes self-confidence.
    • The truth is that this region is brimming with self-confidence - and with good reason.
    • Time and again he was particular about enhancing self-confidence of students.
    • The event instilled self-confidence, team spirit and the value of participation in them.
    • This was back before I'd met Jason, even, so my self-confidence wasn't great.
    • His charm, poise and self-confidence are, right from the start, extremely sinister.
    • It was a dream to help people regain their self-confidence by helping them feel good about themselves.
    • One of the most important attributes is self-confidence, and that's something performing gives you.
    • Among the key findings in the study was that students with low self-confidence take longer to settle in.
    • Again, one does not want to temper that self-confidence - it would be no fun for him and no fun for us watching, either.
    • Kelly's self-confidence is bolstered by her unswerving Christian faith.
    • The whole composition exudes a bold, reckless and extravagant self-confidence.
    • She also spoke on the need for youngsters to enhance their self-confidence.
    • These were still the sensitive times, when Irish self-confidence wasn't what it is now.
    • They gain greater self-confidence and - in some cases, at least - a real lust for learning.
    • Apparently going to a business school does wonders for your self-confidence.
    • The sad outcome of this nonsense is that the boy's morale and self-confidence will be damaged.
    • In addition, self-confidence is growing in Turkey in view of its economic performance.