Translation of self-contained in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfkənˈteɪnd//ˈˌsɛlf kənˈteɪnd/


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    (district/village) que dispone de todos los servicios necesarios
    (flat) con cocina y cuarto de baño propios British
    • It comprises another double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a spacious reception room and could be used as a self-contained unit or integrated with the rest of the property.
    • The self-contained accommodation at garden level is accessed separately from the front garden.
    • Subject to planning permission, this could be converted into self-contained accommodation, a games room or home office.
    • However, because there is also a well equipped bathroom with both a bath and shower at this level, there is the possibility of using the property as two self-contained units.
    • Other accommodation includes a small self-contained house at the back of the main building, which has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette and its own entrance that opens onto the cobbled stable yard.
    • Subject to planning permission, this could be converted into a self-contained apartment or granny flat.
    • It boasts four reception rooms, seven bedrooms, five bathrooms and a self-contained flat.
    • There are two self-contained cottages facing the courtyard, but no stables.
    • There are also 16 converted cottages that provide charming self-contained accommodation in the grounds.
    • The effect of the Order is that where, within a single building, there are a number of self-contained units, each of those self-contained units is separately assessed for council tax purposes.
    • Family farms are no longer self-contained units, and the work force now moves around, contracting in specialist areas.
    • The toilet, which is a fully self-contained unit, requires no water inlet, no connection to a sewer, and no chemicals, but does require an electrical connection and a vent to the outside.
    • The brand new facilities, compete with self-contained shower units, two large changing areas and a physio room, have been installed at the New Lane site thanks to extensive funding.
    • These will provide self-contained accommodation for two families of up to five members each.
    • We created a self-contained house within the rectory, comprising mainly the attic, with steep stairs going through a couple of rooms in the lower floors.
    • Construction and development from this point right up to the 1960's has left a kind of villa colony, with various self-contained units erected across the rolling countryside.
    • Accommodation includes two sun lounges, study, two self-contained apartments and five bedrooms.
    • When their doors are closed, the rooms, clad in dark cedar tongue-in-groove siding, blend into the trees and become self-contained units linked by a void of skylit corridors.
    • The consensus among contractors seems to be that a tow-along or pull-type scraper is less expensive than a self-contained unit.
    • Alternatively, the original entrance could be restored and the garden level accommodation turned into a self-contained flat.
    • That way this self-contained unit will not put pressure on resources in towns and cities.
    • Plans to turn an old mill into three self-contained apartments will be considered by planners in Rossendale this week.
    • There are also three adjoining annexes, one with six bedrooms (all en-suite), as well as a self-contained apartment and another two with three en-suite bedrooms apiece.
    • The remainder of the property is laid out in bedroom accommodation with a self-contained apartment on the first floor and an additional seven to eight bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floors.
    • The tentative plans call for about 100 self-contained units, with subsidized rent based on income.
    • If re-housing is considered as an option for him, maybe he would be better off in his own self-contained accommodation.
    • A village has to be a self-contained unit, providing basic necessities like food, housing, clothing and education.
    • It provides an opportunity to acquire a substantial family home in a sought-after location, while the potential offered by the self-contained unit should also prove a big plus.
    • The proposed development will contain 16 self-contained living units specifically designed with the needs of Alzheimer's patients in mind.
    • Their completely self-contained unit is environmentally friendly, water wise, while the company will also take away the waste water.
    • Biodynamic farmers have long believed that the farm should be a self-contained unit, where animals eat the crops and recycle the nutrients back to nourish the next crop.
    • In our health clubs we have self-contained shower units offering women complete privacy to wash and get changed.
    • Some have sidecar expanders for more faders, knobs, meters or a joystick; some units are entirely self-contained.
    • Covering up to 5000 sq ft, each of the five-bedroom homes will have self-contained apartments over the triple garage, suitable as guest accommodation or as a home office.
    • At the moment, yet another project is under way - an old barn out the side that is being converted into a self-contained apartment for older children or guests.
    • The self-contained chalets are private and overlook a deep harbour but there's a restaurant offering basic hearty fodder if you need it.
    • The original castle consisted of the main house, three self-contained apartments, garages, yacht workshop and stables, stretching over several acres.
    • There is also a self-contained apartment with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette and its own separate entrance.
    • It is a completely self-contained cooling unit, which is located outside of the computer case.
    • Planning permission is not required for the sub-division of the altered building into separate self-contained retail units.
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    • Armstrong is a good conductor and a self-contained man, myopic by design.
    • She is self-contained, but you can tell by looking at her face that she is tired.
    • He was a very self-contained man but had extraordinary insight into physics and mathematics.
    • Fred is a quiet, unassuming, self-contained scientist with a tremendous capacity for seeing a difficult practical problem through to its conclusion.
    • She is not aloof and yet there seems something rather self-contained about her.
    • He is very self-contained, and doesn't really like all that.
    • He's now self-contained and self-sufficient in a whole new way and he's even more dangerous here than in Magnolia.
    • Until recently, Americans thought of themselves as a self-contained people with a nationally bound culture and economy that can be conceptualized and managed in the way that civics texts describe.
    • I can look after myself better than most people; I'm self-contained.
    • Gillian Anderson is supremely self-contained, demonstrating a subtlety in her performance that mirrors the style of the film.
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      (person) (independent) independiente
      (person) (reserved) reservado

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      (couple) que no necesita de nadie más