Translation of self-correcting in Spanish:


autocorrector, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf kəˈrɛktɪŋ/


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    • Hence, the perspective seemed to contain a self-correcting mechanism that both reinforced the vision and maintained its usefulness to the organization.
    • The point is the system, which is self-correcting.
    • If we do not want heavy centralisation we must have small systems, systems where the web of relationships can be self-ordering, self-correcting and organic.
    • The self-correcting machinery of science corroborates provisional facts, and life itself provides the template for provisional purpose.
    • Accounting firms are required to resist this pressure by the process of the self-correcting market.
    • Micro-journalism is like a self-correcting organism.
    • Perhaps most significant, the Internet has shown itself to be a strong self-correcting mechanism.
    • Third, the public believes that there is a self-correcting mechanism at play with respect to the Court.
    • In the short-term, excess wage inflation acts as a self-correcting mechanism to stop bubbles: as workers become too expensive, companies stop hiring.
    • Unfortunately, though science itself is self-correcting, sometimes the scientists involved do not correct themselves.
    • Indeed, the self-correcting tendencies of the court were apparent in the latter case when there was a bare majority for the decision.
    • The self-correcting collar works on the quick external pinch-pain principle, which is far less damaging than a permanently crushed trachea.
    • If immortality is a problem, it is a self-correcting problem.
    • Because students in such a system could attend the schools of their choice, they would create a self-correcting market.
    • European officials, however, tend to be more confident about their ability to predict, based on theory, likely effects in the future and are somewhat more skeptical of the self-correcting nature of markets.
    • Our system of government is one of checks and balances, of self-correcting and automatic repair mechanisms, all carefully constructed through some two thousand years of history.
    • Markets have self-correcting mechanisms and incentives can lead participants to adopt efficient procedures and develop superior substitute products.
    • On the positive side, it has paved the way for the universal aspiration for democracy as the only form of acceptable government because of its vital self-correcting capacity.
    • Democracy is a self-correcting form of government and it will be a while before the various systems correct themselves and become efficient.
    • Could it be that a hidden, rusted, convoluted, self-correcting mechanism is slowly cranking back to life?