Translation of self-deception in Spanish:


autoengaño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌsɛlf dəˈsɛpʃən///


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    autoengaño masculine
    that's just self-deception eso es engañarse a sí mismo
    • We just deal with the reality, and banish self-deception.
    • Ignorance, self-deception and false consciousness are not taken care of by any techniques of reconciliation.
    • There is no question of self-deception or hypocrisy here.
    • Later, after she makes her complaint, she sees her complaint for what it is - layers of self-deception and sin.
    • The world of selling is a particular haven of deception, and self-deception is the most priceless asset of all.
    • This is wishful thinking pursued to the point of deception and self-deception.
    • Huey, excited by Robert's ideas on deceit and self-deception, was eager for the three of us to get together.
    • Her soliloquy is a masterpiece of self-deception.
    • The first half of the book is an introduction to evolutionary psychology and to theories of deception and self-deception.
    • In a situation with widespread deception and self-deception, it is difficult to make the proper judgments.
    • I think that his mind is capable of almost infinite self-deception.
    • It doesn't make him one whit less sharp at ferreting out deception, including self-deception.
    • Why is there a philosophical problem about self-deception?
    • The printed word is no match for intransigence and self-deception, however, so the papers keep stacking up as the crisis deepens.
    • To get within reach of this plea, it follows that self-deception is almost always integral to the act of lying.
    • Their most enduring lesson, of course, is in the art of lying and self-deception.
    • They're lost in a tangle of their own enthusiasm and self-deception.
    • This is an experienced fact and cannot, without dishonesty or self-deception, be denied.
    • Such a pattern of self-deception is extremely troubling in anyone.
    • I think that self-deception is, in a wealthy society, the main way that people overcome scarcity.