Translation of self-defense in Spanish:


(British self-defence)

Pronunciation /sɛlfdɪˈfɛns//ˈˌsɛlf diˈfɛns//ˈˌsɛlf dəˈfɛns/


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    to act in self-defense actuar en defensa propia
    • the right of self-defense el derecho de legítima defensa
    • That was the trial judge's view as well and he did not leave self-defence to the jury.
    • Is it not the common law that a citizen is entitled to use self-defence in the case of wrongful arrest?
    • There you might be convicted of manslaughter on the basis of excessive self-defence.
    • Rather, it is that some revision of the definition of self-defense is necessary.
    • Inaccurate and dangerous, muskets are not very useful for crime or self-defense.
    • It was thrown to him to use in self-defence presumably and he did just that.
    • There can be no doubt that the magistrates were entitled to reject the argument of self-defence or defence of another.
    • There are currently no grounds for a claim to use such force in self-defence.
    • It was indeed a strategy, but it derived its force from the willing abdication of the right to physical self-defense.
    • These features of the defence of self-defence are critical to the outcome of this appeal.
    • This does not exclude the right of justified self-defense of individuals or communities.
    • In such circumstances the wounding of V would not be unlawful as it would be justified by the defence of self-defence.
    • They point out that Rand decisively rejects the use of force except in self-defense.
    • If a man shoots another in self-defence, or under gross provocation, the death is not caused by accident.
    • Plainly this defence must not be confused with self-defence under public international law.
    • The one application of this principle is the doctrine of self-defence.
    • The jury had clearly rejected self-defence and the judge therefore had to make some sense of it.
    • I would condone it myself but the point is, it was self-defence and protection of that child.
    • It seems clear that the judge also rejected the defences of accident and self-defence.
    • I tell him that nothing comes before family and I would try to claim self-defense.
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    (fighting technique)
    defensa personal feminine
    before noun self-defense classes curso de defensa personal masculine