Translation of self-deprecating in Spanish:


de autodesaprobación, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf ˈdɛprəˌkeɪdɪŋ/


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    de autodesaprobación
    • Young women often make the mistake of beginning their talks with an apology or self-deprecating comment of some sort.
    • His account is littered with self-deprecating humour.
    • His self-deprecating, nice-guy demeanour is comforting, but he's rarely funnier than your funniest friend on an off night.
    • He is self-deprecating and self-effacing and has used humor to deflect criticism about his inadequacy and deficiency.
    • I like the fact that she's never falsely modest, just self-deprecating.
    • Ferrell, however, doesn't get nearly enough screen time to show off his self-deprecating sketch comedy style.
    • He is unfailingly friendly, diffident and self-deprecating with an old-fashioned sense of fair play.
    • It is written very much in the author's voice, that genial, somewhat bumbling, self-deprecating character we all think we know.
    • It could easily have degenerated into dreadful mawkishness but self-deprecating humour helped save the day.
    • He was funny, self-deprecating, human and, when it mattered, sincere and passionate.
    • She was constantly tuning her guitar between songs, smiling nervously as she filled the time with self-deprecating jokes.
    • Both stories are agreeably self-deprecating and rimed with snark.
    • In person he is down-to-earth, funny and modest with a self-deprecating charm.
    • As always, his sermon begins slowly, with self-deprecating jokes and gentle admonitions.
    • He was self-deprecating and dignified all at once.
    • The self-analysis is withering at times and self-deprecating.
    • It's self-deprecating and he laughs about it, but I think there are two things I'd say.
    • She's very self-deprecating about her success, very unpretentious, and not a little sceptical about the publishing world.
    • A further example is that, when an attempt to be self-deprecating is provided, it will be met with disagreement rather than agreement.
    • He gradually learned to give expression to his natural charm and courtesy and he increasingly deployed his self-deprecating humour.