Translation of self-educated in Spanish:


autodidacta, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf ˈɛdʒəˌkeɪdɪd/


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    • I am not a foreign policy expert, but I am a self-educated outraged American citizen.
    • Impressed, Davy offered the lad the position of laboratory assistant, a remarkable achievement for a self-educated boy.
    • He dropped out of school at the age of 15, and was largely self-educated.
    • Peter Barlow was self-educated but this education was sufficiently good that he was able to compete successfully to became an assistant mathematics master at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich.
    • A self-educated lawyer from a family of farmers, Roh has always been more of a populist than a politician.
    • Both from hick towns and largely self-educated, they shared a dark humour and a strong sense of the bizarre.
    • He was self-educated and co-founded the Yeats summer school, though he had no interest that I know of in Yeats.
    • He is totally self-educated and is now regarded by the historians as one of them.
    • In spite of his father's moderate wealth, Chardin was largely self-educated.
    • Largely self-educated, Jack London had a love of books and a desire to write, but hadn't had a lot of success as a wordsmith yet.
    • Ohio-born and largely self-educated, Rosecrans graduated from West Point in 1842.
    • She was highly self-educated with an interest in an amazing variety of subjects ranging from politics to music.
    • This is the biography of a great Canadian scientist, whose discoveries were all the more extraordinary because he was largely self-educated in science.
    • Raised in genteel poverty in rural Wales and then in Hertford, England, Wallace was largely self-educated.
    • I've become self-educated since I wrote that song.
    • For more than 20 years the self-educated activist has been an equal-opportunity protester.
    • The eldest son of a Dublin barrister who moved to London in 1867, Northcliffe was largely self-educated.
    • I do regard myself as much more self-educated than educated by anyone else.
    • His parents, largely self-educated, never went beyond primary school.
    • He was a self-educated man with a wonderful turn of phrase.