Translation of self-evident in Spanish:


manifiesto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˈɛvɪd(ə)nt//ˌsɛlf ˈɛvədənt/


  • 1

    (truth) manifiesto
    (conclusion) evidente
    (conclusion) obvio
    • On race, too, we failed to speak out at crucial moments and to face up to self-evident truths.
    • Davies used to believe the need to guard personal privacy against invasion was a self-evident truth.
    • However, it was, he claimed, self-evident that many areas of family law had no such obvious priority.
    • Elementary properties of numbers and geometry were taken to be self-evident truths.
    • Nowhere do I hear that the real problem, which is self-evident, is too many people for a small island.
    • Less obvious truths are deduced from these self-evident beginnings by individually obvious steps.
    • The only properly basic propositions are those that are self-evident or incorrigible or evident to the senses.
    • When Jefferson asserted the self-evident nature of truth it was no simple rhetorical flourish.
    • That ought to be self-evident to anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense.
    • The meaning of these expressions is not self-evident and needs explaining.
    • We are the weirdos in denying what everybody else takes to be a self-evident truth.
    • The answer is self-evident: the government should think again about its policy of not increasing the top rate of tax.
    • It is self-evident that if the same team work together on a regular basis there is the opportunity for learning from what has gone before.
    • So much of what we are taught as self-evident truths relies on rigid thinking.
    • Recognizing that rather self-evident truth is hardly by itself the substance of enduring art.
    • Once this self-evident point has been appreciated, it becomes a matter of making a virtue of necessity.
    • Now, whether it is a concession or whether it is self-evident, it is obvious people relied upon gas.
    • They really do exist, and to them their conspiracy theories are merely a self-evident truth that the rest of us are too blind to see.
    • In recent years, they have seen others come around to this self-evident truth.
    • It spawns more committees and more reporting of self-evident truths.