Translation of self-fulfillment in Spanish:


realización (personal), n.

(British self-fulfilment)

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf fə(l)ˈfɪlmənt//ˈˌsɛlf(f)ə(l)ˈfɪlmənt/


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    realización (personal) feminine
    to achieve self-fulfillment realizarse
    • Developing a private practice can give you the best of all worlds: career, independence, and the indescribable pleasure of self-fulfillment.
    • The perfection of the self is key, going hand-in-hand with self-knowledge, self-responsibility and self-fulfillment.
    • An alternative way of evaluating what is happening is to stress people's continuing search for self-fulfilment and emotional satisfaction from their intimate relationships.
    • It is in many respects a recession of self-fulfilment.
    • A major strand is that all the great philosophical issues are seen in terms of modernity, a defining characteristic of which is the quest for self-fulfilment.
    • Available in German and Italian languages, the website promises to open for all a journey of mind-soul, of self-discovery and self-fulfilment.
    • While it's true that applying maths to anything other than counting calories is not compulsory, improving your mind is the path to self-fulfilment.
    • The aim of today's happiness crusade seems to be to politicise the quest for self-fulfilment.
    • We offer a route for you to finally make the move into independence, financial security and self-fulfilment.
    • Some common idols are national power and glory, money and prosperity, status and reputation, ideologies and ideals of many sorts, pleasure and self-fulfilment, comfort and security, heroes and heroines.
    • The history of humankind is the history of human endeavour to at each stage deepen the democratic processes by removing hindrances to further human self-fulfilment.
    • No longer is love a spontaneous emotion, a transcendent state of being, a necessary evil on the path to self-fulfilment.
    • Some people simply weigh their priorities as to how they will expend their energies and pursue self-fulfilment - and decide either not to have children or to be content with one child.
    • We can hardly be blamed for striving for bliss and self-fulfillment in our romantic lives - our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed in the first blueprint of American society.
    • Today, a number of tactics - from prenuptial agreements to cultivating the virtues of solo living - are used to manage the perceived risks of self-fulfilment.
    • Gone is the productive husband-wife bond defined by mutual sacrifice and cooperative labor, replaced by dual-careerist vistas of self-fulfillment and consumer satisfaction.
    • The only truly good performance is one that gives joy and self-fulfillment to the performer.
    • Literature is born primarily of the writer's need for self-fulfilment.
    • In other words, the location of meaning and purpose in this world is to be found through individual self-fulfilment involving judgments that inevitably vary among people.
    • How fabulous is it that the pursuit of happiness and self-fulfillment can be achieved with the help of the diving industry!