Translation of self-importance in Spanish:


(auto)suficiencia, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf əmˈpɔrtns/


  • 1

    (auto)suficiencia feminine
    engreimiento masculine
    presunción feminine
    • Without any exaggerated sense of self-importance, the 86-year-old surgeon sat in his spartan office room.
    • It was vanity and a perverted sense of self-importance that were the source of his evil deed.
    • Administrators tend to multiply and become inflated with their sense of self-importance.
    • I had parents who never let me get carried away with my own sense of self-importance, and that was particularly the case with being asthmatic.
    • There was a palpable sense of self-importance in much of the media's response.
    • Although she had the self-awareness to keep a diary, she seems to have had no inflated sense of self-importance.
    • He tends to devalue others in order to maintain his own exaggerated sense of self-importance.
    • It may be that if I had a bigger ego, I might feel happier in life - a sense of self-importance might carry me along with more assurance.
    • These strategies appeal to and then exacerbate greed and vanity to enhance the sense of self-importance.
    • To me, that smacks of an oversized sense of self-importance.
    • They introduce rules of engagement and silly words to enhance a sense of self-importance among the initiated.
    • They had money, status and liberal political ideas, and a vulgarity to match their sense of self-importance.
    • Having too many choices not only defeats the objective of providing each of us with a neater fit but it inflates our sense of self-importance.
    • Gilmore's sense of self-importance showed itself in other ways.
    • His was not a pampered upbringing, but he did grow up with a sense of entitlement and self-importance because of his family background.
    • Many of the most ingrained ‘caveman’ character instincts derive from a sense of self-importance or ego.
    • I certainly do not have a sense of self-importance in this.
    • The journalistic sense of self-importance that flowed from the myth has become a dynamo of destruction.
    • He says he no longer has any real constituency or constituents and that this latest endeavour is all about his sense of self-importance.
    • One criticism that I levy at this set is the sense of self-importance the reporters sometimes have.