Translation of self-proclaimed in Spanish:


autoproclamado, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf prəˈkleɪmd/



  • 1

    (anarchists/leader) autoproclamado
    (leader/anarchists) sedicente
    • The absence of democracy only strengthened the self-proclaimed fanatics.
    • He is a mechanic by trade, a professional pilot, a carpenter and a gardener - a self-proclaimed master of all trades.
    • A self-proclaimed expert in the art of cheating, he decides to share his expertise with Paul.
    • Once disagreement turns into self-proclaimed hate, it becomes blinding.
    • It is too easy to skip over feminism in these self-proclaimed post-feminist times.
    • A self-proclaimed addict, Trisha confesses that she writes all the time.
    • For their self-proclaimed heir to use visual trickery may seem a cop-out, or a challenge whose rewards do not make it worth accepting.
    • What we have seen in the last century are socialist states ruled by self-proclaimed communist parties.
    • Well, she's a self-proclaimed Texas liberal who likes to tell it like it is, and by golly she does.
    • Sales managers aren't likely to be impressed with this self-proclaimed underachiever.
    • Many of the self-proclaimed experts admit no one really knows what convergent media is or what it will become in the furore.
    • Some people are self-proclaimed experts in everything, and I've met a few.
    • Being a self-proclaimed feminist myself, I find that type of name-calling so boring and passé.
    • Compassionate conservatism is the President's self-proclaimed philosophy.
    • The self-proclaimed king of all media is blasting off to a new realm, satellite radio.
    • The march was mostly peaceful, although some self-proclaimed anarchists spray-painted slogans on a bank.
    • Crowds from near and far lined the streets of the beautiful fishing village in the hope to get a glimpse of the self-proclaimed diva.
    • I have not properly appreciated her self-proclaimed role as head cheerleader for our public schools.
    • Bipolar disorder is just manic depression by another name, and I am a self-proclaimed depression expert.
    • The programme clearly set out why he was a feared criminal before his self-proclaimed salvation from a life of crime.