Translation of self-referential in Spanish:


autorreferencial, adj.

Pronunciation /sɛlf ˌrɛfəˈrɛn(t)ʃəl//sɛlfrɛfəˈrɛnʃl/


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    • This is not, we hasten to say, because the film is deliberately cold and self-referential in a postmodern fashion.
    • Do you worry that being self-referential makes your work too insular, thereby limiting your audience?
    • Although actors as spectators reinforces the self-referential theatrical imagery, it adds to the sense of an illustrated lecture.
    • The poetry is in a sense self-referential because it explores the transcendental logics of the poetic process.
    • Contemporary works created in this tradition are therefore necessarily intertextual and self-referential.
    • About a year ago I read a critique of weblogs which was positive overall, but which made the criticism that the self-referential style of blogs was a weakness.
    • The self-referential jibes and parody elements work well, as do the innumerable anime in-jokes.
    • To put it another way, the work is self-referential to the extent that language and the poem are Pastior's only subjects.
    • An unapologetically self-referential author, Levin constantly intertwines his own life with the story he is telling.
    • The growing specialisation has fragmented the literature, and the fragments are enclosed in self-referential writing.
    • The play is also very up-front about being a self-referential, postmodern story-about-stories kind of play, yet manages to do this in a way that's neither academic nor affected.
    • While the author is self-conscious about being self-referential, he is also knowing about that self-conscious self-referentiality.
    • Moreover, our model adds a dimension that is not present in either Belting or Warburg: the idea of art as a self-staging and self-referential project.
    • He wishes now to turn away from such hard-edged, self-referential post-modern texts and get into a closer intimacy, a greater communion with his readers, the communion in which lies the main strength of the novel.
    • In 1960, metafiction popped up, describing self-referential novels that dealt with the writing of fiction.
    • Someday in the not too distant future, a university somewhere will have to teach an entire self-referential literature class about novels starring English teachers in Central Europe.
    • If this isn't self-referential enough, the second novel Gabriel is working on is a historical novel set in Newfoundland.
    • This is certainly a very self-referential movie, much more than your previous works.
    • They might begin to take note of the fact that their self-absorbed and self-referential works over the past two decades in particular have made almost no impact.
    • In deconstructive and psychoanalytic readings in particular, this allegedly pure and self-referential language returns to haunt the text's unity, coherence, and independence.