Translation of self-regulating in Spanish:


autoregulador, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌsɛlf ˈrɛɡjəˌleɪdɪŋ/


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    • His notion of the mind as a self-regulating system is in line with modern ideas on cybernetics.
    • Put another way, why wasn't the system self-regulating after all?
    • Although it was at times a painful process, the system was self-regulating with participants generally operating with an appreciation for the risks of lending and speculative excess.
    • The use of self-regulating mechanisms to explain long-term stability has a long history in ecology but has been notoriously difficult to demonstrate in practice.
    • They say that the provincial government has seized control of the formerly self-regulating body.
    • The psyche is a self-regulating system that maintains its equilibrium just as the body does.
    • This is largely a self-regulating body and was set up as an alternative to Parliament's providing statutory regulations.
    • Here, I formulate four rules that are generally accepted among scientists and that, if consequently applied, serve as a self-regulating system.
    • The idolization of the market as a perfect, self-regulating mechanism that always leads to the best possible outcomes is as far from reality as the hopes of socialist central planners.
    • The Committee concluded that a more self-regulating system was needed.
    • These chemicals change the experience of pain and release other chemicals, such as hormones, that influence the body's self-regulating systems.
    • A free market system is largely self-regulating and provides the best environment for promotion of opportunity, excellence, personal growth, and freedom of expression.
    • If we want a self-regulating profession, then we must regulate well at every level.
    • Political authorities were interested mainly in maintaining harmony within and among these different self-regulating bodies.
    • If one industry is in control and has a monopoly, what is the point in having an industry body that is self-regulating?
    • Accreditation of universities is in the hands of voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulating regional bodies.
    • They said Bulgaria should remove its laws on insult and defamation from the criminal code, and that editors should set up a self-regulating body for the media industry.
    • Its components are easy to install and provide a self-powered, self-regulating system requiring no further maintenance or monitoring.
    • His particular field of interest seemed to be where previously self-regulating systems underwent irreversible change.
    • What it teaches us is that this self-regulating system has no need of humanity, does not exist for the sake of humanity, and will regulate itself in ignorance of humanity's fate.