Translation of self-sealing in Spanish:


de autosellado, adj.

Pronunciation /sɛlfˈsiːlɪŋ//ˈˌsɛlf ˈsilɪŋ/


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    (that seals automatically)
    (tire/fuel tank) de autosellado
    • It had self-sealing fuel tanks in wings and fuselage, a fire-extinguishing system and a body able to take heavy punishment.
    • All self-sealing fuel tanks and hoses were removed.
    • The self-sealing fuel tanks are mounted in external fairings on the sides of the fuselage.
    • Considerable armor, self-sealing fuel tanks and other combat updates were added.
    • More weapons were to be added along with armor protection and self-sealing fuel tanks.
    • With self-sealing fuel bladders and a little bit of armor, helicopters are highly resistant to small-caliber weapons.
    • They got the airplanes in flying condition, or at least good enough to fly the short distance to Agra, the depot where the self-sealing fuel tanks could be repaired.
    • The self-sealing fuel tanks were my idea, but it was Fiona who got the fuel mix just right and we did our first test run with only minor problems and first-degree burns.
    • This tank was self-sealing, meaning that the tank was built out of a rubberized substance that would allow a bullet to pass through without sparking and then close the entry and exit holes to prevent spillage.
    • The fuel tanks are self-sealing, with a fuel crossfeed system that provides continuity of supply if one of the fuel circuits fails.
    • Six flexible fuel tanks with a capacity of 2,020 litres are self-sealing in the event of leakage following a crash or being pierced by projectiles.
    • It was definitely a combat aircraft possessing self-sealing fuel tanks, crew armor and a ‘bullet retardant’ windscreen.
    • The ability to absorb damage of the all-metal airframe combined with armor and self-sealing fuel tanks was greatly underestimated by nearly everyone.
    • The self-sealing plastic fuel tank has a capacity of 540 litres.
    • Three standard self-sealing fuel tanks provide a fuel capacity of 3,222 litres.
    • The helicopter is fitted with self-sealing fuel tanks.
    • The crash-resistant tanks are self-sealing and fitted with self-sealing lines and a digital fuel feed controller.
    • The fuel system is crash-resistant and self-sealing.
    • The fuel system is rated to withstand a 14m crash and the fuel tanks are self-sealing.
    • The internal tanks are self-sealing rubber bag tanks in the fuselage and two integral wing tanks.
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    (envelope) autoadhesivo