Translation of self-taught in Spanish:


autodidacta, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˈtɔːt//ˈˌsɛlf ˈtɔt/


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    (pianist/carpenter/artist) autodidacta
    (pianist/artist/carpenter) autodidacto
    he was self-taught in French aprendió francés solo / por su cuenta
    • The only credentials they had to open a business were their self-taught skills.
    • Many of the artists who use the library are self-taught and make use of the books to develop their skills.
    • There is the very real input from self-taught artists in the developing world.
    • Because he could not afford full-time training, he was mainly self-taught as an artist.
    • He is a self-taught architect with no degree or professional training in architecture.
    • They had become self-taught sailors on the lake, teaching themselves the necessary skills and knots.
    • It was years before the self-taught artist found his own style - and recognition.
    • As a drummer he was self-taught and never took lessons.
    • He is a self-taught musician, which makes his life path and progressions that much more implausible.
    • Because he was always painting at the outer limits of his ability, as self-taught artists must do, he never progressed in the traditional way.
    • Their predecessors were also inspired by the work of self-taught artists but did not often acknowledge their influence.
    • A self-taught artist, it was in 1997 that he first started wielding the brush.
    • He is a self-taught artist who began to develop his artistic skills at a very early age.
    • He was one of the greatest self-taught artists Trinidad has produced.
    • His knowledge is mostly self-taught and is the result of his passion for wine as a hobby.
    • He was a self-taught, spare-time artist who supported himself by working for thirty-nine years in a bank.
    • In a country largely without formal higher education, they were self-taught thinkers.
    • Yes, I am completely self-taught, though not particularly well!
    • Kent is a self-taught artist who for 10 years has been developing his own unique style of work by sculpting green wood with a chainsaw.
    • A self-taught artist, Paul is introducing more abstract landscapes into this exhibition.