Translation of sell in Spanish:


vender, v.

Pronunciation: /sɛl//sɛl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (goods/house/player/insurance/shares) vender
      we don't sell batteries no vendemos pilas
      • sell by 11.4.12 fecha límite de venta: 11-4-12
      • to sell one's body vender el cuerpo
      • to sell sth to sb, to sell sb sth venderle algo a algn
      • to sell sth for sth vender algo en / por algo
      • to sell sth at sth
      • to sell one's soul to the devil venderle el alma al diablo
      • they sold the painting for $2,000 vendieron el cuadro en / por 2.000 dólares
      • they are selling it at half price/at $320/at a discount lo están vendiendo a mitad de precio/a 320 dólares/con descuento
      • to sell sth at a loss vender algo con pérdida
      • they sell them at a profit sacan un margen de ganancia al venderlos
      • A special leather-bound edition will be sold to raise money for emergency workers and their families.
      • Regardless of which site is chosen, the present further education site is to be sold to raise money for the development.
      • The store sells clothing, household goods, small furniture and garden implements.
      • Our stock is small simply because supermarkets sell popular books cheaper than we can buy them.
      • I would also deliver items to stores where people worked to stock and sell them.
      • In my outline of the different venues available to sell your work I have not mentioned books or magazines.
      • Although international donors encouraged the sale, the government failed to explain where the money went, or whom the grain was sold to.
      • I carried on looking at different shops selling their wares.
      • We create a sales force that actually sells those products.
      • He says the stores that sell them are running stock clearance sales just now and they're to be had for a good price.
      • He made his money selling car stickers in a business which became the second biggest in the world.
      • It seems that a company called Brands on Sale, which sells children's Halloween costumes, is now marketing wizard costumes for boys and witch costumes for girls.
      • Is it showing how you can help someone or the stereotype of the pushy, obnoxious sales associate selling a service or product for which you have no need?
      • Active SCSI terminators are available at any PC store that sells SCSI devices.
      • Specialist hi-fi stores do sell the high end famous brands as well: Toshiba, Sony, Pioneer, Marantz.
      • The filly was sold to a private breeder for a large amount of money.
      • Attack the stores and retailers selling undesirable ice cream.
      • To clarify, I don't mind waiting until all the puppies are sold to collect money.
      • His collection was sold off and dispersed in 1936, examples going to the Museum of London, Tower of London and York Castle Museum.
      • It was sold to a private collector at the auction.
      • When the first edition was sold out, the rights in the book were sold to a mainstream trade publisher, who issued it with revisions and a slightly altered title.
      • Perhaps you are a salesperson or sales executive responsible for selling goods or products for one or many companies.
      • That means stocking, promoting and selling hunting products.
      • But she stopped short of confirming that she would refuse an export licence if the Doncaster-built locomotive was sold to a foreign buyer.
      • It was a brand new, clean memory stick when it was sold to a reputable dealer.
      • As the Depression deepened, farmers across the Midwest began to gather at farms being sold off to break up the proceedings.
      • Is the site being sold to make money for Hackney council?
      • But as property prices soar and demand for second homes rises, unprofitable sporting estates are worth more when broken up and assets are sold off.
      • Mixtures containing these are available from companies selling spices and seasonings.
      • They said the park's units were only supposed to be available for retailers selling bulky items such as carpets, furniture and electrical white goods.
      • The products are then sold to various clients, including farmers, the forestry commission, local authorities and garden centres.
      • Sizes go up to only 16, but the site sells ranges not available in smaller stores.
      • You know my supplements are sold on my Web site and they're also sold in retail stores like Whole Foods.
      • The leasing driver has the chance to buy the car outright, renegotiate a lease, or they are sold to a car auction.
      • We are going into every retail store that sells the shirts and removing them.
      • One phone was sold to the stallholders just 40 minutes after it had been stolen from its owner while another phone was taken from a car while the driver was at a funeral.
      • This interesting business opportunity, often using the web as a sales forum, sells ex-company cars, lease cars and PCP cars direct to the public and to employees.
      • ‘Consider restricting your opening hours or employ a strict policy as to whom alcohol is sold to,’ she advised.
      • The dresser was sold to a private buyer in the ‘north country’.
      • If it was sold to a developer, a considerable amount of money could change hands.

    • 1.2(achieve sales figure of)

      her novel sold a million in a year se vendieron un millón de ejemplares de su novela en un año

    • 1.3(promote)

      big stars sell movies las grandes estrellas venden películas
      • it's quality that sells our products es la calidad lo que hace que nuestros productos se vendan
      • Just how one sells something like this, I have no idea… so I thought I'd tell its story here and see if anyone has any suggestions.
      • Firstly, with this modern mobile stuff, consumers have been sold the idea of the Internet on their phone.
      • For the moment at least, there is no talk of incentives on the Irish market, so here it will have to sell on its merits alone.
      • What is being sold here, in short, is the idea of control.
      • Lecturing us on how to keep our linen cupboards tidy, we are being sold the idea that cleaning is cool and that a few crumbs under the toaster is an indication of failure.
      • When we are offered a television, we are as much being sold the idea behind it as the physical reality of it.
      • It's too soon to try to politically sell such an idea - mainly because it is a very complicated sale.
      • The project aims to turn brainpower into big business by attracting new investment and selling Manchester as a city of ideas - a so-called Ideopolis.
      • Is it any surprise that so many people can be sold irrational ideas, systems, devices, and philosophies?
      • Politicians have been sold the idea that it is a big wealth-creating industry that must be cherished at all costs and now refuse to face the downside.
      • He was as smooth a talker as any merchant in the city streets and knew how to sell many an idea to men.
      • I just read this claptrap from someone who is selling a ‘new’ idea for moving a vehicle.
      • If there's no way to sell a particular good idea, then you put it on the back-burner and look at something else.
      • With an eye on the commissions earned from these products brokers were cashing in on the equity craze at a time when the world was being sold the idea of building a share portfolio.
      • Style and image is everything when you're trying to sell something as nebulous as an idea.
      • Why do you need to sell others on the idea of being a parent?
      • Well I argue that anyone who's persuaded a two-year-old to eat spinach can sell anything.

  • 2informal

    (make acceptable)
    to sell sth to sb, to sell sb sth venderle algo a algn
    • she tried to sell me some story about ... trató de convencerme de que ...
    • it will be difficult for him to sell his austerity measures to the nation le va a costar que la gente acepte sus medidas de austeridad
    • you really have to sell yourself at interviews en una entrevista tienes que convencer al entrevistador de tu valía
    • to be sold on sth
    • I'm not sold on this plan este plan no me convence
    • he's completely sold on the idea está convencido de que es una magnífica idea
    • Now Jerry had always wanted a poolroom, but knew he would have to sell Sherry on the idea.
    • The kids - despite not being totally sold on the idea of paper curls - did their best.
    • He worked in radio and sold Hollywood on the idea for the movie.
    • Can I just go through, if I may, some of the advantages, because of course not everybody is sold on this idea.
    • But trainer Rick Griffin sold Buhner on the idea that he could still be a contributor on the field and in the clubhouse.
  • 3

    the press accused them of selling their country la prensa los acusó de vender a su país
    • I feel we have been sold out by the interim management team led by Mr Dawson.
    • In his acceptance speech, Patrick talked about the raw deal given the fishermen, that they were sold out by the government.
    • This was a youth meeting, youth must be the ones speaking to work this out, and the adults had sold us out again by managing this problem, and not addressing it head on.
    • A lot of us are angry because we don't know what's happening and the people who have put quite a lot of years into the company feel they have been sold out.
    • My brother is a strong person, but they felt they had been sold out.
  • 4

    • 4.1

      to sell sb short
      • he's been sold short (cheated) lo han timado
      • don't sell yourself short tienes que hacerte valer

    • 4.2

      (shares/stock) vender corto
      (stock/shares) vender al descubierto

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/company) vender
    we sell direct to the public vendemos directamente al público
    • buying and selling operaciones de compra y venta
  • 2

    (be sold)
    (product) venderse
    to sell at / for sth venderse a / por algo
    • it sells at about £8 a bottle se vende / lo venden a 8 libras la botella
  • 3

    (theory) (prove convincing) tener aceptación informal


  • 1

    venta feminine
  • 2Britishinformal, dated

    estafa feminine
    engaño masculine
    camelo masculine Spain informal