Translation of semaphore in Spanish:


código de señales, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛməˌfɔr//ˈsɛməfɔː/


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    código de señales masculine
    • The development of spin off technologies, such as the telegraph and semaphore flags, linked Civil War commanders on the first information net.
    • It blinked in binary and semaphore, and clattered in Morse code.
    • Mobile phone users had no greater incidence of cancer of the brain than did people who communicated by only using semaphore flags or pushing notes in forked sticks carried by native runners.
    • She can calculate the location of a missing ice cream man from hints in photographs, she can build an action figure replica of her father from scratch, and she can use semaphore to pass messages between two feuding brothers.
    • I have stood on the shed and waved my arms about the place making ham-fisted attempts at semaphore.
    • Throwing the balls out to the players, they hold their hands in the air like a secret sporting semaphore.
    • The signalling system is being upgraded from the mechanical semaphore system to a modern computerised one.
    • Theft of the enemy's semaphore codebooks became an important part of the business of war.
    • Use of semaphore flags was limited to within range of telescopes in earlier days and binoculars today.
    • The varied orientations of tiny fold patterns in the smallest grid boxes recall semaphore flags or suggest LED elements in a Times Square news zipper - except never in a hue as garish as red.
    • Possession of these books allowed British ships or personnel placed ashore to read the signals being relayed by the semaphore stations, which frequently included operational tasking to French fleet units.
    • Mr Emergency finally arrives after frantic hand signals from me from afar whilst still talking to him on the mobile. Good job he didn't understand semaphore.
    • They will also be resurrecting the old semaphore in the grounds of Fort Selwyn in a daily demonstration to honour the Chappe brothers, who caused a sensation with the first commercial semaphore system near Paris.
    • Devices like this were not some kind of semaphore code, but simple, effective images that we could easily respond to.
    • You can operate an optical telegraph as used in the Napoleonic wars, crank up second world war field telephones and learn to read Morse and semaphore.
    • Rochlitz doesn't know what to do with the chorus, who strut in formation and communicate in semaphore, though he is insightful when it comes to the principals.
    • They rely on team-mates at the other end to direct them, using highly untechnical language plus a kind of bowling semaphore for the hard-of-hearing.
    • This was thanks largely to what the East Germans called ‘stepped steering’, which appeared to communicate direction to the wheels by some sort of vague semaphore system.
    • Chappe moved to a secure semaphore system (the Chappe code assigns numbers to flag positions; the meaning of these numbers is known only to those in charge).
    • Getting changed after swimming (it's got easier again, but I still must look like someone doing semaphore underwater), and a dad comes in with his two children - who are both girls.
  • 2also semaphore signal

    semáforo masculine

transitive verb

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    transmitir por semáforo