Translation of semester in Spanish:


semestre, n.

Pronunciation /səˈmɛstər//sɪˈmɛstə/


School University

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    (lectivo) semestre masculine
    before noun semester hour unidad en que se mide el valor de cada hora semanal de clase
    • My grade book used to be the last thing I looked at when I wrote a reference letter, now it is all I know about a student from two or three semesters ago.
    • If possible, students can make school changes between semesters or at the end of the school year.
    • Mahmud, who studied at Al Wasliyah University - albeit for two semesters - does not like to dwell on his disability.
    • Five courses are tackled each 14-week semester and there are two semesters each year.
    • He graduated before me, and when I went to visit him between his law school semesters I returned with my first tattoo.
    • It would provide an opportunity for students to fit another class between semesters.
    • Fiver was an outcast all through school, and he dropped out of the University of Nevada after a semester.
    • I also went to music school for two trimesters in between semesters in college.
    • All of the New Orleans universities' semesters are cancelled, so those students are trying to enroll in colleges up here as well.
    • After several semesters of college work, the skills development in Navajo and English often becomes coordinated.
    • The primary mode of communication among students and instructors for both semesters was the university's email system.
    • In his first semester at the university, which was in the year 1857, he was taught by Weierstrass.
    • University officials want to eventually offer all eight semesters of instruction in the school's academy.
    • I envision a course where professors hand out programs written by other students in previous semesters.
    • Most students take one class per semester; Purdue offers three semesters per year.
    • The final two semesters involve a half-time internship placement and an ongoing professional seminar.
    • Students alternate between semesters, spending some of the academic semesters on campus and some in the work industry.
    • Ms Ardagh has spent the past semester at the school as a specialist art teacher.
    • Subsequently David took two single courses in different semesters at the University of Toronto.
    • Each patient has three scenarios a semester for four semesters over a two-year period.