Translation of seminal in Spanish:


fundamental, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛmənl//ˈsɛmɪn(ə)l/



  • 1

    (idea/book) fundamental
    (idea/book) de gran influencia
    • Both albums are seminal in tracing the development of a movement that is maturing rapidly, but not losing sight of its roots.
    • The other investigates the philosophical equivalent of the big bang, which is to say the seminal influences on the human mind.
    • Both writers were a seminal influence on early gangsta rap.
    • Though based on the West Coast she had a seminal influence on the New York experimental dance scene and during the early 1960s her works appeared in avant-garde festivals in Europe.
    • The artist has had a seminal influence on the development of modern Irish music, since he first hit the scene in Dublin in the 1960s.
    • It is ironic that such a seminal development takes place inside a rifle that outwardly is so similar to a percussion Model 700.
    • ‘Gaz’ was a seminal influence on Koz, who admired and to some extent emulated the older man's daring and defiant individuality.
    • A seminal influence was watching his mother on stage as Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    • This second publication proved much less successful than the first, which remained seminal in the development of scientific thought.
    • The establishment of fisheries commissions, and the gradual enlargement of their powers, was a seminal development.
    • How do you market a house that represents one of the seminal moments in the development of our culture?
    • In 1870 he produced a seminal volume that would influence generations of garden-makers throughout the world.
    • The rugged brick and timber house he designed for his family on a sloping bush site in Chatswood in 1963 was a seminal work that greatly influenced the development of the Sydney School.
    • All inductees, whose seminal work has been influential in the medical and scientific worlds, are pioneers in their respective fields.
    • Andre frequently cited Stonehenge, which he visited on his first trip to Europe at age nineteen, as a seminal influence on his sculpture.
    • Neither the insipid colouring nor the androgynous figures help to give the fresco presence, but it remains a seminal work in the development of Neoclassicism.
    • It continues to be our view that the unfolding dislocation in the derivatives marketplace, the linchpin for the money and credit bubble, is a similarly seminal development.
    • Irish music and song brought to America by generations of immigrants have played a seminal role in the development of America's folk and country music.
    • This was one of the seminal developments of the century.
    • Their work was seminal in the development of abstract art generally and the Expressionist movement particularly.