Translation of seminar in Spanish:


seminario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛməˌnɑr//ˈsɛmɪnɑː/


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    seminario masculine
    before noun seminar room sala de seminarios feminine
    • Interactive City II will have panels, masterclasses, seminars and celebrity interviews.
    • The seven-day fest will be enhanced by seminars, discussions and conferences.
    • This involves a lot of reading and attendance at professional body and industry conferences and seminars.
    • You are likely to work with people from overseas and participate in international seminars or meetings.
    • There will be opportunity at the conclusion of the seminar for questions and debate.
    • They go off to meetings, seminars, conferences, and never involve anyone at a non-director level.
    • Martin said that he now will front conferences, seminars and corporate events and continue with his after dinner speeches.
    • At seminars or meetings, it was often he alone who saw the point of a question, and he would not hesitate to rephrase it, if he thought it unclear.
    • She had conducted seminars, conferences and workshops in business and industrial relations.
    • It is set to be packed with meetings, seminars and assemblies.
    • Big business is looking for dry communities to hold seminars and conferences for staff and customers.
    • He has presented other papers on health issues at various conferences and seminars.
    • The offers to speak at conferences and seminars have dried up.
    • Do you keep falling asleep in managerial meetings, seminars and planning sessions?
    • This facility is also used to host bespoke training programmes and seminars.
    • The most illuminating part of the seminar was the discussion that followed the speech.
    • The inter-connecting rooms can be used for meetings, seminars, lectures, dinners and receptions.
    • Moy Valley Tourism represents the region at tourism conferences and seminars.
    • Despite being a living, working convent, it also has facilities for conferences and seminars.
    • The rest of the time we sit on panel discussions and in seminars and bash ourselves.