Translation of send in Spanish:


mandar, v.

Pronunciation: /sɛnd//sɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (greetings/parcel/flowers/telegram/letter) mandar
    (flowers/telegram/letter/greetings/parcel) enviar
    to send sth by post mandar / enviar algo por correo
    • I'm having some money sent by cable me van a mandar / enviar un giro
    • Mike sends his regards/apologies Mike manda saludos/pide que lo disculpen
    • send her my love mándale saludos / recuerdos de mi parte
    • they sent word of his arrival avisaron que había llegado
  • 2

    (direct, cause to go)
    (reinforcements/messenger/envoy) mandar
    (reinforcements/envoy/messenger) enviar
    to send sb on an errand/a course mandar a algn a hacer un recado / mandado/un curso
    • we'll send a car to pick you up mandaremos un coche a recogerlo
    • they've sent Bill across to help han mandado a Bill para que nos ayude
    • send him along to see me this afternoon dígale que venga a verme esta tarde
    • to send sb for sth
    • he sent me for some beer me mandó a por cerveza
    • to send sb to prison/the gallows mandar a algn a la cárcel/al cadalso
    • to send sb to her/his death enviar a algn a la muerte
    • to send sb packing (in a relationship) mandar a algn a freír espárragos
  • 3

    • 3.1(propel, cause to move)

      he sent the ball over the fence mandó la pelota al otro lado del cerco
      • high winds sent the ship off course fuertes vientos desviaron la nave de su rumbo
      • the assassination sent shock waves around the world el asesinato conmocionó al mundo
      • the thought of it sent a shiver down my spine me dio un escalofrío de solo pensarlo
      • the news sent prices up/down/soaring la noticia hizo subir/bajar/disparar los precios
      • the blow sent him reeling el golpe lo dejó tambaleándose
      • she sent everything flying lo hizo saltar todo por los aires

    • 3.2(transmit)

      (current/signal) enviar
      (current/signal) mandar
      • I was bobbing along in my father-in-law's small yacht with my wife and small baby when we were attacked by a jet-skier who raced at us at high speed before turning sharply, sending a wall of water over us in the boat.
      • I walked quickly to the train station, my breath sending a cloud of steam in front of me.
      • She crossed the line and hit the brakes, gripping the emergency brake and pulling it up as she spun the wheel sharply to left, sending her car into a spin, the back end sliding out as she came to a stop.
      • Anna quickly reloaded, sending the next bolt over the fence.
      • The air became cool with a slight breeze that whispered and moved her cloak, sending wisps of dark hair across her face as they rode.
      • The blast of high explosive sent a cloud of dust fountaining into the air.
      • Under the influence of sound waves these tiny hairs move, sending impulses along a nerve pathway to the brain for interpretation.
      • He sighed, then sneezed as an unlucky poke of the stick in the fire sent a cloud of smoke into his face.
      • She managed only to claw the piled ash, sending a cloud into the air.
      • Mike quickly pushed forward sending random shots toward them as the five of them cleared off.
      • On March 3, an eruption sent a massive cloud of ash into the sky, but there were no injuries or damage.
      • In any kind of breeze they smoke like a forest fire, sending clouds of grey dust over the moored yachts and into harbourside streets.

  • 4

    • 4.1

      her remark sent him into a rage/fits of laughter su comentario lo puso furioso/lo hizo morir de risa
      • the kind of voice that sends you to sleep el tipo de voz que te hace dormir

    • 4.2dated slang (carry away)

      this music sends me esta música me mata informal

  • 5

    (cause to happen)
    (God) enviar
    (God) mandar
    these things are sent to try us Dios nos pone a prueba con estas cosas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    mother sent to say that … mamá mandó a que nos avisaran que …
    • we'll have to send to the States for spares tendremos que mandar (a) pedir repuestos a Estados Unidos
    • A total of 940 surveys were mailed, and reminder cards were sent two weeks later.
    • Twenty-three letters were sent by recorded delivery on one day.
    • Mr. Norton allowed the child to lie ill for a week - indeed to be at death's door - before he sent to inform me.
    • A circular letter was then sent by post to all past and present serving members of the Gardai in the Donegal division.
    • For many people the use of email is now an alternative to sending letters through the post.
    • But the petition was sent to the Post Office too late to influence its decision to shut the branch on April 5.
    • He writes regularly, sometimes sends a little money, and even occasionally telephones.
    • Letters informing parents were sent by first class post yesterday.
    • I predicted the return of writing letters and sending them by post.
    • She sends a birthday card to each of her 86 employees, and if she's in the office, she hand delivers it herself.
    • To return merchandise, pack it carefully (use the original packing material if possible) and send it back to us with a copy of your shipment receipt.
    • Send flowers if you think it is appropriate.
    • A letter is to be sent to the Post Office and a special meeting of the council is being organised.
    • Ten minutes later I was in the Post Office, handing over yet another envelope to be sent by special delivery.
    • A personal identification number is sent by post to your home address.
    • Letters inviting people to vote by post have been sent out by the three main parties in a Southend constituency against official advice.
    • We'll send letters and post notices exactly as we've done before.
    • Two-thirds of the 82 million items posted every day are sent second class.
    • Five months after her transfer, she sent a rambling 15-page handwritten letter to two journalists at the Adelaide Advertiser.
    • Their relationship began 18 months after Myfanwy died, with a low-key old-fashioned courtship; he sent flowers, there were candlelit dinners.
    • We said that we would send letters and post cards and call as often as possible.
    • A first issue was that the letter had been sent by ordinary post.
    • He was more a man of deeds than of words - he always performed what he promised, and when this had been done, he sent to let the petitioner know that his wishes had been granted.
    • He gave us directions and sent us out the door where we caught another taxi.
    • A spokesman for the renal unit at MRI this week confirmed they were at breaking point and may have to start refusing treatment, sending people elsewhere in order to treat the most urgent cases.
    • When William heard of his arrival, he sent messengers ordering Count Guy to hand over his prisoner, which was duly done.
    • He's fresh out of jail and he's ready to get serious about sending Hamilton in the direction he thinks is best!
    • The Soviet Army initially believed that it was being sent solely to maintain order in the towns while the new regime consolidated.
    • It constitutes the Church's marching orders, sending believers into all the world to share the Gospel with every person.
    • This was a daunting task as funds had to be raised in order to send the athletes over.
    • The principal printed out her entries, made her do corrective work order, and even sent her for counselling.
    • We have sent him on some orders for the excellent value recording, copies of which are being snapped up quickly.
    • They were sent to keep order because there would be two children that would need their help.
    • Jade Emperor cried, and he summoned Mountain God, ordering him to send mountains to fall upon the dragons.
    • Peaceful will be executed by a firing squad for cowardice because he refused to obey an order that sent the rest of his unit to their deaths.
    • The judge then gave his majority direction and sent the jury away for further deliberations.
    • The United Nations announced yesterday that hundreds of staff in Pakistan and India were ordered to send their families home in the next few days.
    • A unit was sent in the direction of the firing and four men were captured along with a grenade launcher.
    • It would be very interesting to know the exact timing of the order to send the unarmed planes after Flight 93.
    • Bong was sent home to instruct others in the art of air combat at Foster Field, Texas.
    • The whispers in the walls were sending me slowly crazy, and the constant whirring of my empty mind made me feel dizzy.
    • I don't know if a life of reading books sends you crazy and socially awkward or whether being crazy and socially awkward makes you devote your life to reading, but no doubt there is a book somewhere in here that will tell me.
    • I think this sudden heatwave is sending me kinda crazy.
    • But they don't send themselves crazy realising it, because they never asked themselves why.
    • People weren't generally allowed to work at the Workshop for more than three months at a time. They thought it would send people crazy.
    • She supposed he might have put on a bit more muscle, sending the girls even crazier.