Translation of seniority in Spanish:


Pronunciation /siːnɪˈɒrɪti//sinˈjɔrədɪ/


  • 1

    (in age)
    his seniority gave him the right to speak first era su derecho hablar primero por ser el mayor
  • 2

    (in rank)
    jerarquía feminine
    • He has an admirable faith in technology, unlike many others of his seniority in the Indian Police.
    • There ought to be a proper sequence according to seniority.
    • The Standing Orders suggest that members from a party should be called in order of their seniority.
    • Workers with decades of seniority are being excessed, required to take physically demanding jobs or forced into early retirement.
    • Advancement by seniority resulted in painfully slow promotion, which resulted in officers overage in grade.
    • Seniority amongst peers was often broken down into a matter of months, weeks, or even days.
    • Our specialist team of consultants recruit at all degrees of seniority, from newly-qualified to partner level.
    • Our filial relationships, ruled by generational authority and following a pecking order based on seniority, are very Chinese, too.
    • An additional week of vacation will be given to workers with over 30 years of seniority.
    • Under the old agreement, pensions ceased to increase in value beyond 30 years of seniority.
    • I concede that seniority should not be the sole criterion.
    • Staff appointments followed in relentless sequence as he inched his way up the ladder of seniority.
    • Correspondingly a mother's sister is literally called "small mother" or "big mother" depending on their seniority.
    • Once West Pointers achieved sufficient seniority, they commanded in all of America's wars save one.
    • Seniority is determined by the date a person begins work at Iowa State, not the date he or she begins a certain job.
    • Both of you understand that your power relations are not measured by seniority or salary.
    • In the ladies division seniority continued to prevail over youth.
    • Union negotiators had been seeking a guaranteed 40-hour workweek and job assignments based on seniority.
    • We have people in authority who were promoted based on seniority, not ability.
    • Donations fall by $39 for each year of seniority.
  • 3

    (in length of service)
    antigüedad feminine
    • In both Congress and state legislatures, positions of power and leadership are based on seniority within the institution.
    • The diversity competence characteristics would be applied to each post, with different levels of requirements according to the nature and seniority of posts.
    • You don't get to his level of seniority at the age of 42 without playing hard ball.
    • There has also been an expectation among senior civil servants that merit allied to seniority, rather than party loyalty, should determine promotion.
    • Then, he managed to drop the fact that he has more seniority than the current chairman of the Labor-Health Appropriations Subcommittee.
    • Given the seniority of those appointed, the chances are they can cope with a bit of envy.
    • The major is elected by uncontrolled vote of the captains, and the Colonel is promoted automatically by seniority from the lieutenant-colonels.
    • Attitudes are learnt through observation of those in relative power or seniority.
    • Your importance can usually be gauged by the seniority of the aide assigned to you or your group.
    • Less attentive listeners may have made the easy mistake that he was impugning Dr Luke's reputableness or his seniority.
    • And as you know full well, the Senate is a creature of seniority.
    • This hobbles seniority, which has been the traditional path to power.
    • Walter Mondale doesn't need his seniority from the past to become an important, effective representative of the state of Minnesota.
    • Advancement in the medical field is by seniority.
    • A derogatory reference to her seniority wedges itself into most recollections of those two weeks in the jungle.
    • Promotion in the service must be on the basis of merit, not seniority.
    • Thank you, Mr Chairperson, for acknowledging seniority.
    • Afterwards he was awarded six months additional seniority for meritorious war service.
    • They will also enjoy a right of seniority in the different public departments in which they work.
    • Do not be intimidated by his seniority or his future in-law status.