Translation of senna in Spanish:


sena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛnə//ˈsɛnə/


  • 1

    sena feminine
    sen masculine
    • Senna grows in most tropical regions of the world.
    • The Department of Environment and Conservation has identified 7 priority actions to help recover the Bladder Senna in New South Wales.
    • Even we do not use irrigation and fumigation to our field used for growing senna.
    • Originally, Alexandrian senna was obtained principally from Sudan, but it is now cultivated in both Egypt and Sudan.
  • 2

    diasén masculine
    • The non-osmotic laxatives, phenolphthalein and senna, partly act by stimulating secretory mechanisms in the intestine.
    • Magnesium hydroxide is less likely to irritate the digestive tract than a stimulant laxative such as senna.
    • A 40-year-old woman with Rett syndrome presented to her general practitioner with a long-standing history of abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and constipation requiring laxatives including senna.
    • Do not use strong laxatives, such as the stimulant laxative senna, on a routine basis unless on the advice of doctor, because long term use of such laxatives can be harmful.
    • Not only does she use an enema a couple of times a week, but she also drinks laxative tea containing senna all the time.