Translation of sensitive in Spanish:


confidencial, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈsɛnsɪtɪv//ˈsɛnsədɪv/


  • 1

    • 1.1(secret)

      (information/document) confidencial
      he holds a sensitive post in the Ministry ocupa un puesto de absoluta confianza en el Ministerio
      • Be aware that even in your own office, maintaining the security of sensitive information can have its challenges, especially around visitors.
      • General statements that, for example, the information is sensitive security information, are inadequate to satisfy the government's burden.
      • They should restrict access to sensitive information to only those employees with a need to know.
      • To saddle them with convenient moralizing about jeopardising the financial system by untimely disclosure of sensitive information only compounds the offence.
      • Such security information is genuinely sensitive; the government has a right to protect it.
      • Access to especially sensitive information would be restricted to those participating in the oversight arrangements, and the fact of access would be documented.
      • A US Airways Express spokesman declined to comment on the charges, citing airline policy against revealing sensitive security information.
      • The overall effect gives weight to the opinions of some of your correspondents that this is a very convenient rule indeed if a councillor wishes to avoid commitment or keep sensitive information under wraps.
      • And why would a senior Pentagon official tell you this very secret and sensitive information?
      • The Victorian Opposition has released details of what it claims is yet another breach of sensitive security information within the Victoria Police.
      • Any tribunal which has to confront a Minister on a sensitive issue of document disclosure, should enjoy security of employment.
      • The object was to avoid creating situations where sensitive information might be at risk.
      • ‘We did have a breach of security, with sensitive police information somehow leaking out,’ Mills said.
      • It is thought unlikely that the report will be published because of the sensitive security and operational information that it contains.
      • Whether or not it contained any sensitive security information was immaterial.
      • Exploiting this vulnerability will lead to denial of service, execution of arbitrary code, or the disclosure of sensitive information.
      • And second, Uncle Sam needs to use domestic companies to keep sensitive defense and security information within U.S. borders.
      • In addition to the above, some classified information is so sensitive that even the extra protection measures applied to Top Secret information are not sufficient.
      • Committee members were urged to keep all details of the meeting secret to prevent the sensitive information leaking into the public domain.
      • As someone who was intimately involved in dealing with the most sensitive national security secrets out there, how big of a flap is this?

    • 1.2(requiring tact)

      (topic/issue) delicado
      the sensitive border region la conflictiva zona fronteriza

  • 2

    • 2.1(emotionally responsive)

      (person) sensible
      (account/performance) lleno de sensibilidad
      to be sensitive to sth
      • to be sensitive to music tener sensibilidad para la música
      • to be sensitive to sb's needs/problems estar muy consciente de las necesidades/los problemas de algn
      • Surely, the Congress should be sensitive and appreciative of the hostility to foreign troops.
      • His career as a dance artist and experience as manager/producer also helped bring sensitive insights into the workshop discussions.
      • The Yorkshire Euro MP may not be the first person you'd think of if you were looking for a sensitive appreciation of the modern woman.
      • We can well see that communicating a notice of suspension outside the front door is not the most sensitive way to handle this delicate matter.
      • In the future a more sensitive appreciation for these sorts of emotional predispositions can help us generate a more refined approach to violence prevention.
      • He said that at the time of the original call, attempts were made to trace the man in a sensitive and delicate manner, but without success.
      • Nietzsche, in fact, provides an occasion for some of his most penetrating insights and most sensitive interpretations.
      • Their sensitive and delicate portrayal of tales is so real and touching that they have become the hallmark of Iranian cinema in the recent past.
      • Those who can appreciate a sensitive portrayal of Native Americans are also recommended to add this to their collection.
      • The issue of Alzheimer's is dealt with in a sensitive and delicate manner, which doesn't overplay the pity.
      • The beautiful MacMillan work got a sensitive and delicate reading that asked for more of this seldom heard but wonderful English composer.
      • ‘This was a peaceful vigil and it is unfortunate that this incident took place but the police should be thanked for the sensitive way they handled it,’ he said.
      • Where customers fall seriously into debt they continue to be handled in a sensitive manner without compromising targets on return.
      • An assessment of these may provide us with more accurate and more sensitive insights into the Indian past.
      • One is Mary's uniquely sensitive appreciation of the myriad ways in which the case for academic freedom may be advanced.
      • It also asked for a more sensitive approach in handling such cases, but nothing seems to have come out of it.
      • Exhumation and re-interment of remains will be handled in a sensitive way.
      • I now have a more sensitive appreciation of how devastating war really is.

    • 2.2(touchy)

      (person) susceptible
      sensitive about / to sth
      • he's very sensitive to criticism es muy susceptible a la crítica
      • he's very sensitive about his spots vive preocupado por los granitos
      • We'll give you some first impressions later today, and after that - and if we haven't offended the sensitive vendors too much - full reviews should follow in the next couple of weeks.
      • He has a very intense, sensitive temperament and quickly becomes upset, angry, anxious, over-excited and frustrated.
      • And the movie contains non-exploitative sexual content featuring minors that may offend more sensitive viewers.
      • O'Leary cheerfully acknowledges that his abrasive manner upsets the more sensitive among those he deals with.
      • Those warnings about images which may upset sensitive viewers have become much more few and far between.
      • The guidelines dictate that emotionally charged topics be avoided on tests, for fear that mention of them might upset sensitive children.
      • Wendy Noel plays Maureen as an edgy, outspoken and sensitive woman.
      • There are wild-looking cats wandering the open areas and this might upset the very sensitive.
      • Never forget, she warns, that young girls are highly sensitive, and the last thing we should be doing is telling our daughters they look a sight.
      • But he was highly sensitive, easily discouraged by setbacks; and in 1915 resigned from his union post to convalesce from alcoholism.
      • Women would benefit enormously from this - we are very sensitive and get upset about small things, and men have no idea.
      • There is a bunch of stuff I don't like or need, but we won't go there so as to not offend the sensitive and thin skinned.
      • It was his preferred statement which was then packaged as part of a departmental information kit and sent to those sensitive Christians upset at the sight of children behind razor wire.
      • He offended sensitive members of the staff and press with arrogant quips about artists and audiences, but he revitalised an elderly board and ran a tight set of budgets.
      • He was highly sensitive about his background and age (‘Just say I'm in my late thirties,’ he used to tell journalists).

  • 3

    (physically responsive)
    (skin) sensible
    (skin) delicado
    (teeth) sensible
    (instrument/film) sensible
    sensitive to sth sensible a algo
    • to be sensitive to temperature changes ser sensible a los cambios de temperatura