Translation of sentiment in Spanish:


sentir, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛntɪm(ə)nt//ˈsɛn(t)əmənt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(feeling)

      sentir masculine
      sentimiento masculine
      an upsurge in nationalist sentiment un renacimiento del sentir / del sentimiento nacionalista
      • Freedom was an emotion, a sentiment, a madness - something which your generation will find hard to understand.
      • Fear was again a sentiment that accompanied Jose and his friends.
      • Our sentiments of love, hate, fear, anxiety, are each one of them the fertile source of whole series of illustrative dreams.
      • The oil on canvas of The Knitting Lesson evokes similar sentiments of simple joys, maternal protection, guidance and love.
      • Those of us who have tried one or more fads diets may appreciate the murderous sentiments.
      • By ignoring or removing either sentiment (hate or love) is how so much design work becomes mediocre.
      • It's the result of a wider sentiment of fear in the community, brought about by our failure to satisfactorily tackle the misunderstandings and myths we have about each other.
      • We all share the same sentiments of anger, disgust, and frustration.
      • He warned that they were seeking to ‘embody a sentiment of rage and frustration’.
      • Trust based on emotional sentiments is the most dangerous thing because one becomes blind to the intent of others.
      • Smith referred to these emotions as the moral sentiments.

    • 1.2(view)

      opinión feminine
      parecer masculine
      to voice / express one's sentiments expresar su (or mi etc.) opinión / parecer / sentir
      • he echoed the sentiments of the majority se hizo eco del sentir de la mayoría
      • my sentiments exactly / entirely eso es exactamente lo que pienso yo
      • I agree with the sentiment regarding having a single armed female deputy on escort duty with a well-muscled male prisoner.
      • While I agree with the sentiments about having a winning mentality, it seems, however, that it is the same sports that will benefit at the expense of others.
      • A half-block down the street, two Rhode Island teenagers echoed the sentiments.
      • Belligerent patriotic sentiments are on display all over the world.
      • Even such conservative antislavery sentiments all but vanished in East Tennessee after 1834.
      • Our idea echoes your sentiments in the editorial: Learn more, to prepare for the future.
      • These sentiments were echoed by various right-wing publications and columnists.
      • The weekend protests show that the antiwar sentiments are equally shared by people of all nationalities, races and religions.
      • In every country, versions of the past provide the raw material for nationalist and patriotic sentiments.
      • Her sentiments were echoed by several other members of the public around Hampton Green, a busy but open grassland area.
      • This sense of racial exclusion also began to take a toll on the patriotic sentiments of those who had been interned.
      • Are sentiments in favor of this regime, in favor of this president, easy to understand?
      • City officials around the world echo the sentiment, according to Public Works Magazine.
      • Similar sentiments were echoed by other workers also.
      • But many are beginning to regard such sentiments as little more than well-meaning rhetoric.
      • These are precisely the sentiments now being echoed throughout Democratic circles.
      • What Thoreau did not overlook was his neighbors' reluctance to put their antislavery sentiments into action.
      • With due regards to the sentiment of a former Minister, his proposal and expectation from the Board are quite controversial and need a sensible and deep review of the issues raised by him.
      • These sentiments were echoed from the floor and members spoke at length about his lifetime commitment to the party.
      • Youth elsewhere in the country also echo these sentiments.

  • 2

    sensiblería feminine
    sentimentalismo masculine
    • But it is not just nostalgic sentiment which is evoked by railway history in the area.
    • It would have been all too easy for her to have played this book for sentiment and shocked social justice; her tone is blunt and unlaboured.
    • And the trend in some parts of the world is towards huge, high-tech, intensive feedlot dairy farming with no place for sentiment and nostalgia.
    • It may be very American and dripping with sentiment but thanks to Quaid and a quality cast, The Rookie has a grace and sincerity that makes you willing to indulge its flaws.
    • ‘It wasn't sentiment or family loyalty that made him join, I don't think,’ she reflects.
    • Their back-up teams might be more prone to nostalgia and sentiment, especially those who have honed their tallying skills over many the long count.
    • This is not to reduce Christmas to mood or sentiment.
    • The Irish visit was largely an occasion for nostalgia, sentiment and photo opportunities.
    • If they grow jaded, grow bored, or simply prefer sentiment and nostalgia to active participation, the last avenue of escape is closed.
    • It would seem impossible to do this without drowning in sentiment, or exaggerating a delight in Beverly Hills excess.
    • The visit to Ireland in mid-1963 was largely an occasion for sentiment, nostalgia and photo opportunities.
    • This nostalgic sentiment is obvious in both the band's choice of covers and the composition of the band's own tunes.
    • I've just given my new stylus a go and listened to this, for the first time in a while - call it nostalgia or sentiment, but it's hard to pick out one bad cut on this.
    • They really react to the sentiment and the emotion.
    • If the Old Firm make the break - if history and sentiment no longer inhibit them - he could be looking for a new line of work.
    • There were tons of nostalgia, family sentiment, bonding, celebration, entertainment and even a message.
    • The threat of violence nearly overwhelms any sentiment or tenderness.
    • His annoyance is bitter anger bordering on rage; his sentiment is mawkish.