Translation of sergeant in Spanish:


sargento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑrdʒənt//ˈsɑːdʒ(ə)nt/


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    sargento feminine
    yes, Sergeant sí, mi sargento
    • The point out that it takes years, not months, to produced a trained, effective infantry soldier and more years to season sergeants and warrant officers.
    • We must embed jointness as a leadership trait from sergeant to colonel.
    • Corporals, instead of sergeants, lead the terminal crews, some with only two to three years in the military.
    • This cadre platoon consisted not only of more senior staff sergeants but promising corporal/specialists and sergeants as well.
    • Lessons have different levels of difficulty to reflect the roles of either a sergeant or a warrant officer.
    • I am a female sergeant in the Army National Guard, and a single parent of one.
    • The Defence People Committee has endorsed an initiative to offer completion bonuses to selected corporals and sergeants in three critical trades.
    • In spite of that, he was given an overall pass, along with eight other soldiers, who included a sergeant and warrant officer first class, who had also failed aspects of the test.
    • "Our air superiority is incredible," a marine sergeant told Associated Press.
    • She worked as a cook in the airmen's and sergeant's mess.
    • The final section of the book covers the beginning of the resistance from below, among the corporals and sergeants of the old army, Islamic activists and Arab nationalists.
    • There are paintings and photographs of generals, lieutenants, sergeants, privates, secretaries and commanders-in-chief.
    • It has 3000 soldiers, including privates, sergeants and officers.
    • The heart of any Army is not its generals, but its young sergeants, captains and colonels.
    • The person in distress was an Army sergeant who had been on land-navigation and survival training in the mountains of West Virginia.
    • Because of the increased number of volunteer soldiers, the ministry will phase out recruitment of non-commissioned officers, including air force and army sergeants and naval petty officers.
    • It is us, staff sergeants and sergeants, who don't want to take the time to train and mentor soldiers.
    • But don't worry, this isn't boot camp, where the sergeant barks at you all day long.
    • On the ‘digital’ battlefield there is a real likelihood that brigade commanders will talk directly to sergeants or corporals commanding sections and that intermediate officers will be sidelined.
    • The U.S. military is the world's best because its sergeants and warrant officers are without equal.