Translation of sergeant major in Spanish:

sergeant major

brigada, n.


  • 1

    brigada feminine
    • The pace stick - a hinged measuring device, which measures a sergeant major's stride - is used to standardise the pace at which troops march.
    • Alan, a sergeant major in the Royal Marine reserves, received his call-up papers two days before he was due to be mobilised.
    • A by-product of the mobile phone menace is the mobile caller - instead of sitting still and mumbling into the contraption like any semi-respectable phone user, he swaggers up and down yelling into the thing like a sergeant major on parade.
    • In the event, the beekeeper was victorious and only one man, a former sergeant major, was stung on the forehead.
    • For one thing, he was put on a charge, not what you would expect for a battle-hardened sergeant major in Britain's most famous World War Two army.
    • He looked about the room, like a sergeant major inspecting barracks.
    • One of her three sons is an army sergeant major.
    • My Catholic sergeant major saved my life and carried me to a field hospital.
    • Built like a sergeant major, she has this parade ground habit of issuing orders, not requests.
    • They have also discovered that the first landlord, who took over in 1826, was an ex sergeant major of the cavalry with a medal from Waterloo.
    • At about 9pm our sergeant major came up to where we were to inquire how we had managed.
    • ‘I'm not a jumped up sergeant major barking orders at people,’ he said.
    • For some reason the sergeant major had decided to choose me to vent his anger on.
    • The former sergeant major was once the British Army's top sniper in the province and was known as a lethal shot during the height of the Ulster troubles in the 70s.
    • Instead of mechanically obeying orders, the gallant chaps might leap to the defence of a female comrade facing the wrath of the sergeant major, thus destroying the group's cohesion.
    • The senior non-commissioned member of a British unit is its regimental sergeant major.
    • You don't dress the sergeant major down in front of the troops, it is too demoralising.
    • The former sergeant major will join about 20 other decorated soldiers on the trip, which is one of the events which will mark the 60th anniversary of Victory in Japan Day.
    • Less than three years later, aged 27, he was suddenly promoted directly from private to sergeant major.
    • He worked in the Joint Operations Centre in Iraq for six months from August 2003 to January this year as the operations sergeant major, responsible for the 15-member team that kept the centre running.