Translation of serial in Spanish:


consecutivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪriəl//ˈsɪərɪəl/


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    (in series)
    • Primary outputs are defined as publications in the serial peer reviewed literature, while the secondary outputs are taken to be evidence based clinical guidelines.
    • Their serial reports have largely abstained from considering policies aimed at generating social progress from below.
    • People with serial nonsacramental marriages are still free to marry in the church and enjoy the benefits of full communion.
    • This enormous power to subject the American public to serial triviality is far from trivial.
    • The journal begins serial publication this spring.
    • Frequent reassessment with serial lung function testing for rapid progression is critical.
    • It had dragged them to court to defend their serial publication of Joyce's Ulysses.
    • Their surfaces are accretions of controlled gestures, spatters of paint that lead from one stroke to another, singular and serial actions.
    • It does not hold annual meetings or sponsor a serial publication.
    • Devoting time to other serial publications also should be seen as an investment in the future, not a distraction.
    • We model asymmetric migration rates and unequal population sizes using serial samples of sequences.
    • Serial production functions in tandem with serial consumption.
    • Compared to some of the serial releases from the public domain specialists, this DVD is a pleasure to look at.
    • It is noteworthy that he filed serial and timely notices of appeal after each order of the U.S. District Court was entered.
    • Little information has been published regarding the association of serial changes in pulmonary function or radiographic features and prognosis.
    • This was at a formal, recorded news conference, not serial impromptu interviews in the locker room.
    • For example, if a suffix, that is, an extra item follows the last item to be remembered in serial recall, memory for this last item is severely impaired.
    • Divorce and serial marriage are common in communities living under pressure, which may leave women with sole responsibility for the children and with overwhelming domestic responsibilities.
    • The serial presentation enhanced the illusion of spontaneity and improvisation.
    • Her allusive serial art makes use of pairings, sequences and minutes compositional shifts.
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    (in episodes)
    (thriller) seriado
    (thriller) en capítulos
    published in serial form publicado por entregas
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    (input/access/interface) en serie
    serial printer impresora serial / en serie feminine
    • If it won't run on serial processors, then where is the parallel machine that it will run on?
    • A serial processor executes each iteration through the loop, doing all the work.
    • Besides, transferring large files with the USB instead of the serial connection can be done very quickly, too.
    • You will see a list of serial devices; note that some will be built-in on your motherboard.
    • The controller can concurrently perform the data transfer to and/or from the parallel and serial devices.
    • It is even possible to add servers with a click of a mouse while supporting BIOS-level control of almost any number of servers or serial devices.
    • A serial response box was used to collect key-press responses from the participants.
    • Besides, all neural networks at the moment are simulations that are written in software of an essentially serial nature which runs on serial processors.


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    Television Radio
    serie feminine
    serial masculine
    serial feminine Southern Cone
    • However, these serials depict only the macabre and fearful aspects of these supernatural characters.
    • Although at times, the serial enters into boring sequences, it has been accepted by middle-class families as a good one.
    • The success of this venture as a magazine serial preceding the book, has the writer planning a sequel.
    • Both serials harked back to a period when men were heroic, women were virtuous and times were better.
    • The producers feel that the serial with a strong story line woven on women issues could mean good competition for other serials in the private channels.
    • They are not at the stage to rationalise the unnatural situations the serials depict.
    • The original plan was for a weekly year-long serial of 52 episodes.
    • In a recent breakthrough, the debut show of a Chinese-language TV drama serial had a gay storyline.
    • Tasked with nabbing an elusive bandit hiding out in a forest, this could become a long-running serial.
    • Each story in the serial would last a week, being spread over 5 weekday episodes.
    • At a recent daily critique meeting, our writing coach challenged us to produce a serial in 2004.
    • In an unprecedented move, the BBC had appointed a publicity officer specifically to promote the new serial.
    • Storylines in drama serials have a moral, or at least a conclusion.
    • They watch every episode of the popular Hindi serials.
    • As the last half of the serial goes into publication, you'll see some examination of the underpinnings of these characters.
    • Until 1998, Lucy then worked across a number of drama serials and documentaries.
    • Published as a comic strip since 1936, the Phantom also appeared in movie serials, a feature film, and animated television series.
    • Fox is quite a rarity on television, as it is unusual for a serial of the time and of such length to have one author and one director.
    • It is more than a regular drama serial or just a sitcom.
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    it was published as a serial se publicó por entregas