Translation of series in Spanish:


serie, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪriz//ˈsɪəriːz/


  • 1

    serie feminine
    sucesión feminine
    she made a series of mistakes cometió una serie / una sucesión de errores
    • arithmetical/geometrical series serie aritmética/geométrica
    • The book presents a series of possible solutions to this problem of affordable access.
    • But a series of unexpected events make Rafael take a look at his situation.
    • He has been conducting a series of workshops around the country on wartime journalism ethics.
    • Both teams began the game with a series of handling errors and no one was able to gain the upper hand.
    • But all the 10 people arrested in a series of raids were later released.
    • Instead, the book presents a series of glimpses into the lives of the nation's first families.
    • The heart of the book is a series of chess problems followed by extremely detailed solutions.
    • The crucial break came in the sixth game, a series of magnificent backhands from Federer engineering the opportunity.
    • You might have planned out a whole series of attacks, but one inopportune roll and your turn is over.
    • Now a new scheme is to be discussed at a series of public meetings.
    • The unions have launched a series of meetings with the Co-op funeral company managers.
    • The leaders of various intelligence agencies worry about a series of high-profile events this summer.
    • The event featured a series of panel discussions related to issues of media.
    • How this affects each couple is found in a series of vignettes that follow.
    • I could take hours describing the series of events that lead up to this.
    • During this period, a series of abductions took place, suggesting that he might have been involved in these cases.
    • The frustrated escape attempt was followed by a series of violent attacks early Wednesday morning.
    • The result was a series of seven front-page articles on the subject.
    • Over the Christmas period there were a series of reminders of just what that mania has meant for transport.
    • The operation was part of a series of drug raids in the Bolton area.
  • 2

    (set, group)
    a TV/radio series una serie / un serial de televisión/radio
    • a series of concerts/lectures un ciclo / un programa de conciertos/conferencias
    • a series of coins/stamps una serie de monedas/sellos
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    (in baseball, cricket)
    serie feminine
    • When Fox went down with a torn tendon in his left foot in the fourth game of the Minnesota series, the team rallied.
    • It is the last game and the series and the team is battling to avoid the bottom spot.
    • It was also great to see the Spurs take out the Lakers, blowing out Los Angeles in the final game of the series.
    • They won a playoff series for the first time.
    • We've got a game tomorrow that is probably the most pivotal game of the series, and we understand that.
    • After three games, you get a feel for a series, but these teams seem to be really even.
    • Each series requires the same playoff intensity, the same passion, the same work ethic.
    • Both teams squared away the three-game test series in front of appreciative crowds.
    • The moment is dramatic and emotional whether the final series lasts four games or seven.
    • He must be a guy who can be counted on to play well and play often when the game, the series, the season, are on the line.
    • Once a playoff series commences, each game played is subjected to even closer scrutiny.
    • This isn't the first year a team has gone into a series and played low-scoring games.
    • Recent history shows the visiting team in this series is more likely to win the game.
    • Each of those teams has a starter who is capable of winning two games in a playoff series.
    • Now it's on to Game 7 for a series that has given us everything we could have hoped for and then some.
    • Somewhere that doesn't convince us that will help the team win a playoff series.
    • If the Twins split the first two games of the division series on the road, look out when they return home.
    • Such was the difference in the strength of the respective teams that the series never rose above mediocrity.
    • He already has added to clubhouse chemistry and was instrumental in last weekend's series against the Cubs.
    • Two days later, the teams engaged in the highest scoring game of the series.
  • 4

    in series en serie
    • In a series circuit with two or more bulbs, which bulb lights first when the circuit is closed?
    • A series resistor and parallel cap were not as effective as a series inductor and the cap.