Translation of serpent in Spanish:


sierpe, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərpənt//ˈsəːp(ə)nt/


  • 1literary

    sierpe feminine literary
    serpiente feminine
    • Because there, on the floor, like a coiled serpent, lies the cause of the problem.
    • This story airs in the United States tonight on the National Geographic Channel's Five Days of Snakes - a series of programs about serpents, and the scientists and others who work with them.
    • The doors to the club were made of smooth dark wood with two silver door handles shaped like serpents.
    • The serpent coiled, tensing to spring forth once more.
    • Focusing intently on the object, he was relatively relieved to discover that it was a copper sphere with a serpent wrapped around it, not the grim skull that he expected to see.
    • Sluggish, heavily polluted and evil smelling, it snaked through the borough like a poisonous serpent.
    • I was backing up as the monstrous serpent advanced on me.
    • He was participating in a rattlesnake roundup and forgot he'd put a serpent under his hat - the hat he was wearing.
    • There was a large serpent coiled about in an offensive manner and hissing ominously.
    • Join us each day for stories about serpents, from flying snakes to Vietnamese cobras and North American copperheads.
    • When one hears the rattle of a serpent's tail, they flee the area from which it came.
    • ‘If you were there when they were not taking up serpents, or even during other parts of a service where they did, it would be like many other Pentecostal groups,’ he explained.
    • We saw monkeys swinging through the tree-tops and a long black serpent snaking menacingly over branches.
    • The serpent finished wrapping itself around him and began to constrict him.
    • Two-headed snakes are rare but not unheard of, and one recently found in Spain is giving scientists an opportunity to study how the anomaly affects the serpents' ability to hunt and mate.
    • The rocks beneath were smooth and interlinked like the overlapping scales of a serpent.
    • As he stepped back, his hand still outstretched, the serpent coiled around him and blended into his body.
    • Hiding out in or near steamy rivers and swamps in South America east of the Andes from Colombia to Paraguay and also on the island of Trinidad, these semiaquatic serpents are the largest snakes in the world.
    • The android girl stomped over to where the enormous serpent was sitting, determined to crush the bulky snake with her amazing strength.
    • He pours libations at his father's tomb and a seven spiraled serpent slithers from the mound.
  • 2

    serpentón masculine
    • An exception must be made for the occasions when the serpent is used to double the awesome Dies Irae at Requiem mass.
    • Brass bands began as military bands in the 19th century, initially with keyed bugles, serpents, bass horns, and other keyed brass instruments, changing to valved brass once these became available.