Translation of servant in Spanish:


criado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsərvənt//ˈsəːv(ə)nt/


  • 1

    criado masculine
    criada feminine
    sirviente masculine
    sirvienta feminine
    I'm not your servant! ¡no soy tu criada / sirvienta!
    • servants' quarters las habitaciones del servicio / de la servidumbre
    • Her uncle had been kind enough to let them live in his house as long as they remained servants in the house.
    • The king's servant ran and brought them two goblets filled with wine.
    • Once they were dressed the princesses showed themselves off to the visitors and palace servants.
    • Anna, her personal servant, had forgotten to fill the pitcher.
    • Father should at least hire servants who don't cringe in fear at any given moment.
    • Sometimes clients or their families treat caregivers as maids or domestic servants.
    • Even the servants doing their nightly duties didn't come across something unusual.
    • As soon as she opened the door, she was shocked to find the house bustling with servants.
    • You have to stay here and keep the house and the servants in order.
    • Many urban households with a regular income employ live-in domestic servants, generally young unmarried women from the rural areas.
    • We turned to see one of the castles' many servants bowing to us.
    • In all the halls of the palace servants instantly laid tables for a banquet.
    • Not all Icelanders played this game; sometimes only household servants did.
    • This man must really be rich, to have such a large house, and servants, I thought.
    • She clapped her hands, then the kitchen servants came in, and filled the table with plates of food.
    • He was afraid of hiring another nursemaid, and mistrusted the household servants.
    • Financially they were well enough established to be able to employ a domestic servant.
    • Many girls are used as domestic servants and are prevented from attending school.
    • Two servants came by to light up the surrounding torches.
    • Antonia's family was small but very wealthy and they had at least a hundred servants working in the house and in the vineyards.
  • 2

    (sb, sth that serves)
    a faithful servant of the cause un leal servidor de la causa
    • the law center is the servant of the community la asesoría jurídica está al servicio de la comunidad