Translation of service charge in Spanish:

service charge

servicio, n.


  • 1

    (in restaurant)
    servicio masculine
    there is a service charge of 10% se cobra un 10% de servicio
    • Oh, and the service charge is not optional as it says on the menu.
    • The three groups said waiving the service charge would be removing an income that an employee already enjoyed and it was an unfair labour practice.
    • Maintenance of the pool and communal grounds is included in the annual service charge of €1,320.
    • The service charge, which was paid by clients instead of giving tips, was shared between all staff and formed a substantial part of their earnings.
    • Restaurants that don't add a service charge will expect a 10 per cent tip.
  • 2

    (in banking)
    comisión feminine
  • 3

    (for maintenance)
    (of apartment) gastos comunes masculine
    (of apartment) gastos de comunidad masculine Spain
    (of office) gastos de mantenimiento masculine
    • I have assessed an appropriate service charge for the property as being £1 per square foot of net accommodation.
    • The property comes with one designated car parking space and is subject to a service charge of around €2,170 per year.
    • Offers in excess of €190,460 are sought for the apartment which is subject to a service charge of €700 per annum.
    • The annual service charge has yet to be confirmed.
    • The agent is seeking offers of over €374,573 for the apartment which measures 74 square metres and is subject to an annual service charge of €924.
    • At Carrickmines Wood in south Dublin, the owners of two-bedroom apartments pay an annual service charge of €1,800.
    • Leaseholders will be able to take over BHA's powers to collect service charges to pay for repairs and maintenance.
    • Owners will receive a guaranteed income each month and will not incur maintenance or service charges.
    • The two-bedroom units are subject to a £275 service charge while the three-bedroom properties have an annual charge of £350.
    • It is subject to a service charge of €1,524 per annum.
    • The house is subject to a service charge of about €520 per year.
    • It is regrettable the final bills were delayed but lease-holders are fully aware each year the council will bill them with a service charge to cover a number of costs, including the maintenance of communal areas around their homes.
    • The townhouse is liable for an annual service charge of €700.
    • There is ample parking in the gated grounds outside, while the apartment is subject to an annual service charge €1,270.
    • A service charge of £525 per annum is payable by owners.
    • Currently, no government department has responsibility for the regulation of service charges or property management as these agreements are considered contractual.
    • The unit comes with one underground parking space and is subject to an annual service charge of around €1,080.
    • The annual service charge to cover the security arrangements, plus services such as refuse collection and street lighting, comes to about £1,000.
    • The apartment has a south-facing decked balcony and secure parking and is subject to a service charge of €1,300 per annum.
    • Introduce a new, broadly based local property tax and rebalance service charges equitably across the entire community.