Translation of serviette in Spanish:


servilleta, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsərviˈɛt//ˌsəːvɪˈɛt/



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    servilleta feminine
    before noun serviette ring servilletero masculine
    • I draw all the time, on scraps of paper, serviettes, anything that's around.
    • I arrange some serviettes on the table, along with some cutlery and utensils.
    • The waitress helpfully provided cutlery and serviettes.
    • Although attractively and efficiently served both the teacake and croissants came on top of serviettes.
    • As a result our paper serviettes were useless by the time we reached a table.
    • Fortunately we managed to recover our serviettes before they became soaked with melted butter.
    • Why put a serviette between the baguette and plate?
    • It was so dry that I chickened out and wrapped it up in a serviette for home consumption.
    • For a change the serviette was not under the food!
    • The two Japanese girls working there started talking Japanese very quickly and running around, cramming a wad of serviettes into my hand.
    • Quickly scanning the table in front of me, I began hastily withdrawing serviettes from the dispenser to my right.
    • Mel wiped his forehead with a serviette every few minutes.
    • Along with your vouchers you also get serviettes.
    • There were plates on the neatly arranged table and glasses and serviettes.
    • Implements such as tongs and serviettes must be used as far as possible to avoid the direct handling of food.
    • Ann was pleased with the quality and size of the serviettes.
    • In addition she went in search of serviettes and brought them to our table.
    • Unable to catch the waitress's eye, I went in search of knives and serviettes.
    • Regular users will know that serviettes and straws are located at central points around the restaurant.
    • We would have appreciated serviettes but thought this was probably an oversight.