Translation of servile in Spanish:


servil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsərvəl//ˈsərˌvaɪl//ˈsəːvʌɪl/


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    • The character of Seneca thus finds just the right mixture of true compassion and the ranting of an alcoholic and sententious philosopher, whose servile disciples note down everything he says with ridiculous fury.
    • Being good at service means that we are servile and demeans our noble island spirit.
    • There will be several servile sycophants who will come forward as ‘White Knights’ to regain their lost positions.
    • It acts in the most servile manner as an agency of the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and NATO in the hope of gleaning a few crumbs from the tables of the imperialist powers.
    • What precedent is there for such servile bootlicking?
    • It is not uncommon for a citizen in India to take off his shoes before entering the office of a policeman and genuflect in a lowly and servile manner.
    • It is a measure of how servile the media have become that, from the tabloids to the broadsheets, the results of a survey based on asking teenagers to report their participation in a range of illicit activities are taken at face value.
    • The Somerive family, the product of a Romantic disregard for property, hope to regain their place in the Rayland line by means of their youngest son, Orlando, a character by turns romantic, naive, and servile.
    • The servile journalists soon nicknamed him ‘Batka’, which in Belorussian means ‘father’.