There are 3 main translations of set in Spanish

: set1set2set3


poner, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put, place)
    he set a pitcher of cider before us nos puso una jarra de sidra delante
    • we set the proposal before the committee le presentamos / planteamos la propuesta a la comisión
    • she set a match to the papers prendió fuego a los papeles con una cerilla
    • he set his signature to the document le estampó su firma al documento
    • I set honesty above all other virtues antepongo la honestidad a todas las demás virtudes
  • 2

    • 2.1(cause to be, become)

      to set sb free dejar / poner a algn en libertad
      • to set sb loose soltar a algn
      • to set sb at ease hacer que algn se sienta a gusto
      • to set fire to sth, to set sth on fire prenderle fuego a algo
      • to set a poem to music ponerle música a un poema

    • 2.2(make solid, rigid)

      (jelly/cheese) cuajar
      (cement) hacer fraguar
      his face was grimly set tenía una expresión adusta / ceñuda
      • Following my faint shadow across the tan carpet and up to my feet then leisurely climbing to my face until our eyes meet, the enemy noticeably tenses and her jaw sets.
      • Oddly enough, it is this very latex that prevents gelatin from setting when combined with figs.
      • When cooked, the filling should have set like a custard and have a smooth shiny surface.
      • When mixed into a slurry with water it sets rapidly into a uniform, solid, inert mass.
      • Cover and refrigerate overnight until the natural gelatin sets.
      • Symptomatic clinical problems usually are a result of an exothermic reaction that occurs as the bone cement sets.
      • When he glanced back at the corner, jaw setting, she laid her hand on his arm.
      • Made from icing sugar and egg whites, royal icing sets like concrete.
      • That's why you shouldn't use it in making gelatin - the enzymes prevent it from setting.
      • Composite cavity-filling materials today have a tendency to shrink and even leak over time as the polymer cracks due to the stresses and becomes more rigid as it sets.
      • It tastes fine but I over boiled it and it has set almost rock solid.
      • The other type - often set with gelatine or jelly - are to my mind not even worthy of the name cheesecake.
      • Finally, as the concrete further sets or stiffens, troweling operations begin, if required.
      • Their face tightens immediately; their features fall, the jaw sets and the arms cross.
      • Globular proteins partly unravel and become tangled, causing them to solidify, as when egg white sets.
      • His jaw sets and he doesn't respond, and I know he knows that was a mean thing for him to say, but I also know he isn't going to apologise.
      • Oh, and if you want a new building material, try having cereal and yogurt, because all the fluid goes into the cereal and the rest of the yogurt sets solid.
      • Once set, you hardened them in the airing cupboard and painted them with the stuff that was supplied.

    • 2.3(make fast)

      (dye) fijar

  • 3

    • 3.1(prepare)

      (trap) tender
      (table) poner
      set three places for dinner pon cubiertos para tres para la cena
      • Dinner was to be in the Monarch Room where the dinner tables were so elegantly set.
      • Jim missed the days before Beth had gotten married and stopped setting the table, though he knew it was peevish of him.
      • The large glass dining room table has been meticulously set by Renate, the maid.
      • Let your child help with meals by choosing foods, preparing food and setting the table.
      • Ryan laughed a little and then stood up, and we walked downstairs to find Loretta setting the table.
      • He opened the door for her and ushered her outside where a wrought iron table was set for a meal.
      • Luckily, Robin came back and informed us that the table had been set and it was time to dig in.
      • I should have asked if he thinks setting a proper table takes no talent!

    • 3.2Medicine

      (dislocated joint/bone) encajar
      (dislocated joint/bone) componer Latin America
      • Charlie read how to set a broken leg and wilted at the thought of doing that to Jo.
      • This was operated on but there was a problem setting the bone and when it failed to heal properly, he had to have it done again.
      • The surgeon breaks the displaced bone and sets it into a better position.
      • In the UK there is a long tradition of using the plant as a medical treatment, particularly in Scotland where it was used as an ointment for bone setting.
      • Plastic surgery, bone setting and cesarean sections were routinely practiced with great success.
      • Despite all the medical advances and cool new colours, setting broken bones is still a pretty primitive process.
      • Some traditional medical practitioners use herbal medicines and set broken bones.
      • One woman's broken thigh bone had been badly set, leaving her left leg at least three inches shorter than her right.

    • 3.3

      (hair) marcar

    • 3.4Printing

      (type) componer

  • 4

    I set the oven at the highest temperature puse el horno a la temperatura más alta
    • I set my watch by the radio puse el reloj en hora por la radio
    • I forgot to set the alarm clock me olvidé de poner el despertador
  • 5

    • 5.1(arrange, agree on)

      (time/date) fijar
      (time/date) acordar
      (agenda) establecer
      (agenda) acordar
      • The meeting ended with Wednesday May 5 being set as the date of the next monthly meeting.
      • Reserve prices will be set following valuation on the morning of the auction on May 8.
      • Speed limits must be set according to the road hierarchy, and people must understand why it has to be so.
      • The matter is likely to be the subject of a public hearing over the summer, although no date has been set.
      • It cannot be protected through setting clearly defined limits to what can or cannot be said - however generous those limits might seem.
      • No date has yet been set for the trial or for a preliminary hearing.
      • The couple have already set the location for their wedding and now all that's left for them to do is set an exact date.
      • All three have been granted stays of execution and are awaiting dates to be set for their appeals.
      • Remember to have fun and always set yourself a betting limit that you don't exceed.
      • This will execute or abandon the trade automatically within price and time limits set by the user.
      • This difference sets the lower limit on the energy required to produce an alternative fuel.
      • The speed limits have been set with the benefit of knowledge of road conditions and minimum stopping distances.
      • No dates have been set for hearings as yet, although it is believed that further activity may be imminent.
      • The meeting will take place towards the end of the month although at the time of going to press no firm date has been set.
      • He will be sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court at a date yet to be set.
      • The matter was due to be determined by the Licensing Sub-Committee in August but no date had yet been set for the meeting.
      • No date has been set for a final decision, but they are waiting for neighbours such as Dorset and Portsmouth to catch up.
      • He said no date has been set, but it could be heard within the next few weeks.
      • At the outset, Williams sets three important limits.
      • So far, there has been little interest in setting finer limits because the procedure is awkward and expensive to manage.
      • Clearly it is important therefore for you to liaise with your client to ensure the Credit Limit is set at a realistic level.
      • At the time of going to print no firm date had yet been set for the meeting.
      • If you want people to stop evading fares, stop using your monopoly to set prices so ridiculously high.
      • To prevent an administrative nightmare, no single date has been set for the changeover.
      • It has now been rescheduled for some time next month but no specific date has yet been set.
      • In this position Saturn, which sets limits and restrictions, often creates health issues, particularly as Saturn rules your body.
      • Animals will be on view prior to the auction and reserve prices have been set.
      • It's the same thing, people deliberately setting prices and inflating charges and stealing our money.
      • No date has been set for the introduction of the rule change which is being recommended by council advisors.
      • No date has yet been set for the court martial or a preliminary hearing.
      • Prices should be set at greater than or equal to long-run marginal separable cost for each product.
      • Average speeds in terms of upper and lower limits were set for applying a penalty system.
      • An official date has been set for the opening of Maldon's Combined Military Services Museum.
      • The difference is that the government sets a lower limit to the movement of wages and also mandates working conditions and other benefits that are the same for everyone.
      • It's the only time when the owners of the business can set a preferred disposal price.
      • A Council spokesman said no date had been set yet for the application to be heard.
      • An inquest should provide answers, but no date has yet been set for the hearing.
      • Now that the date has been set and the ring given, the upcoming royal wedding is shaping up to be unlike any other.
      • For example, the estimated time limit could be set at five days and the cost per night at £200.
      • If you're selling your home, setting the right asking price can make all the difference.

    • 5.2(impose, prescribe)

      (target) establecer
      (rules/conditions) establecer
      (rules/conditions) imponer
      • Thus the object which the inventor sets himself is achieved in an elegant way.
      • Hundreds of university hopefuls may be set picture puzzle tests before they are allowed on degree courses.
      • He has set himself the task of writing an album about all fifty states in America.
      • She sets herself ‘tasks’, and likes to do them in the morning before going to work.
      • I can set myself little goals and work to getting back into the side as soon as possible.
      • Recently a group of students was discussing an essay they had been set for an English test.
      • You set yourself a task that isn't anything that you've been explicitly asked to do, nor told that you can do, and you try it out.
      • It is a courageous choice in which he sets himself two tasks.
      • None of the tasks these men set themselves could be described as easy.
      • She sets herself the impossible task of trying to prove this to us in a mere six episodes.
      • Writing down the story of my life as it happens is an interesting task I set myself.
      • The task you have been set is to use any of the materials found on the tables in front of you to make me an object.
      • Therefore, he set himself the task of righting those things he considered to be wrong.
      • However I had set myself a task to at least try to remove the old writer's block which had been looming over me.
      • The children are given a bag full of scrap material and then are set the task of making their own robot.
      • The problem is, having set himself this task, Lucas then doesn't follow it through.
      • The children have now been set the task of designing a new garden around Mr Jordan's tree.
      • So I set myself a program of losing weight and getting rid of the spare tyre around the waist.
      • She joined a running club and began setting herself targets.
      • His players, those he inherited and those he has acquired, have passed every character test they have been set.

    • 5.3(allot)

      (task) asignar
      (homework) mandar
      (homework) poner
      (test/exam/problem) poner
      (text) prescribir

    • 5.4(establish)

      (precedent) sentar
      (record/standard) establecer
      (fashion) dictar
      (fashion) imponer
      you have to set a good example tienes que dar buen ejemplo
      • this ruling sets a precedent este dictamen sienta jurisprudencia / sienta un precedente jurídico
      • this set the tone for the rest of the day esto marcó las pautas que se seguirían el resto del día
      • That they are even close to setting a defensive record is testament to their turn-around in fortunes this season.
      • I fancied myself a long jumper in those days, setting the record at my school.
      • She had been in flight for the best part of 45 minutes, and records were being set.
      • Since the Congress party is led by a woman, it's in a unique position to set an example.
      • Historians of WWII have largely focused on women setting precedents and being able to join the boys in moving into paid wartime work.
      • We must stop setting them a bad example by following policies that are unnecessary, and cruel.
      • It would set a precedent the whole of football would have to follow.
      • This piece sets a record of frustration for me, personally.
      • Besides hooking up with all the hot skater guys, do you think your character sets a positive example for girl skaters?
      • It not only implies ignoring the law, which he has violated, but what example have we set?
      • I'm not sure this sets such a bad precedent, frankly.
      • Yorkshire millionaires are said to be vying for an apartment thought to set a price record for the Sheffield.
      • Yesterday marked the sixth day in a row of oil prices setting a new record.
      • He won by a convincing eight shots and also set a new scoring record for his age division.
      • I hold out hope that our response will be measured and set a better example than previously.
      • She replied that she'd obviously missed it, but that maybe I ought to set more of an example.
      • It's not as prestigious as setting a record for batting average or home runs, but he says he would take pride in it because it's another way to get on base.
      • With the examples set at the top by the people in real power, it makes local behaviour very mundane.
      • Yet any errant athlete will now be entitled to conclude that a precedent has been set.
      • But in recent years her paintings have set record prices for Latin American art.
      • So I did, and in seventh grade I ended up setting a school record.
      • I frequently refer back to what she taught me and the example she set for all of us.
      • Stock prices pulled back slightly after setting new highs earlier.
      • For the past few years, most of the media have tried to make him something he's not, just because he is setting records.
      • So what sort of example are we setting for children?
      • Were there new records to be set or would old records still hold their own?
      • I felt it would benefit me personally in all future games to set an example and not set such a dangerous precedent.
      • Resourcefulness is their trait and she says the example her father has set is a constant influence.
      • But it's not for me and it's not a good example to set for easily influenced girls.
      • He is a special player and setting a World Cup record is a marvellous achievement.
      • He could have led the rebuilding effort, setting a positive example and giving the team a chance to win every fifth day.
      • He finally ended that last week by stealing four, setting the franchise record of 59.
      • In doing so, they avoided setting a new club record for the wrong reasons.
      • The center now stood out from the rest of the gym, setting an impossible precedent for any of the other volunteers to follow.
      • It is hoped that a new world record will be set with thirteen threshing mills operating at once.
      • They lost two more times, setting a record for the worst start in the proud franchise's 38-year history.
      • In June another record will be set when five car carriers dock here - the most ever for any one month.
      • She's deeply troubled by the company's effect on the economy as a whole and the example it sets for other employers.
      • What kind of an example are you setting for our community?
      • The Angels and Dodgers, in fact, are on the verge of setting a record this year for the most combined attendance in one market.

    • 5.5(fix, assign)

      (bail/price) fijar
      it's impossible to set a value on life es imposible ponerle precio a la vida
      • we set a very high value on accuracy valoramos mucho / damos mucha importancia a la precisión

  • 6

    (cause to do, start)
    she set them to work in the garden los puso a trabajar en el jardín
    • he set the dogs after them azuzó a los perros para que los persiguieran
    • to set sb/sth -ing
    • this will set people thinking/talking esto hará reflexionar/dará que hablar a la gente
    • the news set my pulse racing la noticia hizo que se me disparara el pulso
    • to set sb laughing hacer reír a algn
    • to set sth going poner algo en marcha
  • 7

    • 7.1

      (film/book) ambientar
      the novel is set in Japan la novela está ambientada en el Japón
      • the action is set in Victorian England la acción se desarrolla / tiene lugar en la Inglaterra victoriana
      • But it is perhaps the only choice for Mulan in the specific historical context in which the author sets the story.
      • The film is set during the 1930s, at an unnamed school, a thinly disguised version of Eton.
      • His last film, Dirty Pretty Things, was set among London's exploited illegal immigrants.
      • But he sets the film's first act here, and it's obvious where his sympathies lie.
      • It stands to reason that had the series been set today, Laura would have had a weblog, not a diary.
      • It's a very funny black comedy of manners set among the south London demimonde.
      • The director chose his season well in setting Turning Paige near the end of winter.
      • Mill Road, where the story is set, is far from the research and learning that goes on way beyond.
      • The seventeenth century Oxford where the crime writer sets his substantial historical novel is in some ways very similar to Morson's city.
      • Her films are set very much in the present, and their focus is microscopic.
      • The movie is set against the backdrop of Apollo 11's landing on the moon.
      • The film will be set and shot in Beijing and in the wealthy southern city of Shenzhen.
      • If the film wasn't set almost 70 years after abolition, you could almost buy it.
      • The film is set at a time when an abrupt climate change has cataclysmic consequences for the entire planet.
      • By setting the film at this time and place, he illustrated that Sade's fantasies had in fact become a horrifying reality.
      • You'll even be able to state where you'd prefer a story to be set: in a mythical or a real place.
      • The film is actually set just over one weekend in the characters' lives.
      • If it provides some anxiousness in the viewer why not set the film there.

    • 7.2(locate)

      (building) situar
      the mansion is set amid acres of parkland la mansión está situada / enclavada en medio de un vasto parque
      • The tasteful and triangular green is set bang in the middle of the large village.
      • They will stay the night in the village of Gite, before heading on to Tamda, set among white rocks.
      • Santa Barbara is set among rolling hills and vineyards that were beautifully captured in the film Sideways.
      • An arc of deep locks, set among lawns, lowers it at last to join its western river.
      • The holiday village is about four miles from Penrith and set among more than 400 acres of woodland and lakes.

  • 8

    (mount, insert)
    (gem) engarzar
    (gem) engastar
    (stake) hincar
    (stake) clavar
    the posts are set in concrete los postes están puestos en hormigón
    • the crown is set with rubies la corona tiene incrustaciones de rubíes
    • his eyes are set deep in his face/too close together tiene los ojos hundidos/demasiado juntos
  • 9

    (turn, direct)
    we set our course for the nearest island pusimos rumbo a la isla más cercana
    • our course is set eastward llevamos rumbo al este
  • 10

    (seed) replantar
  • 11British


    dividir en grupos según su aptitud para la asignatura

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (go down)
    (moon/sun) ponerse
  • 2

    (become solid, rigid)
    (jelly) cuajar(se)
    (cement) fraguar
    her face set in a grimace la cara se le contrajo en una mueca
    • his expression set in a frozen smile se le heló la sonrisa en los labios
  • 3

    (become fast)
    (dye) fijarse
  • 4

    (bone) soldarse
  • 5

    (in dancing)
    set to your partners colóquense enfrente de su pareja
  • 6

    (in hunting)
    (gundog) pararse
  • 7

    (plant/fruit/seed) dar fruto

There are 3 main translations of set in Spanish

: set1set2set3


juego, n.

Pronunciation: /sɛt//sɛt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of tools, golf clubs, bowls, pens, keys) juego masculine
      (of books, records) colección feminine
      (of stamps) serie feminine
      a set of cutlery una cubertería
      • a set of saucepans una batería de cocina
      • a set of bedroom furniture un juego de dormitorio
      • a matching set of sheets and pillowcases un juego de cama
      • set of dentures una dentadura postiza
      • a set of headphones unos auricolares
      • a boxed presentation set un juego en estuche para obsequio
      • I need four more to make up the set me faltan cuatro para completar el juego (/ la colección etc. )
      • coffee/tea set juego de café/té
      • Anyone interested in sponsoring a set of jerseys please contact any committee member.
      • He said he had contacted the printing company and was satisfied that it had produced a full set of ballot packs.
      • Riders would be booked by phone and arrive with a spare set of protective clothes and crash helmet.
      • Fortunately, there were spare sets of clothing for each age.
      • They have a great toy selection, but they insist on grouping things together into sets, so you can't buy individual figures.
      • At last the two governments have issued a set of proposals for the restarting of the political process.
      • Because the batteries in question are standard AAs, I can buy them cheaply, and I can get spare sets and replacements easily.
      • Apparently, none of you know anything about being a parent of a child who collects sets of toys.
      • Of the last six Christmasses I've spent at home I've collected a full set of the presents I wanted.
      • In fact we have separate sets of basic, yet essential, equipment, which are sent to each of the three races.
      • Each somatic cell contains a full set of chromosomes, whereas sex cells only contain half.
      • And one of the richest countries in the world didn't even have the decency to give these kids a new set of clothes.
      • Shoppers bustled by, some with the full set of designer carrier bags, others with only a bemused frown.
      • Some of the toys are considered highly collectable and a full set of toys from the range is highly prized.
      • But cramming the beautiful game onto a set of joypad buttons has always meant compromise.
      • There were also three other full sets of clothes that had been in the suitcase, but none were clean.
      • The company also has floor-mat sets at £45 and boot liners from £22.50.
      • We could transmit it by a set of abridged accounts, with a full set of accounts available on the website.
      • If hoisting equipment is available, the shipping containers may contain several sets of such elements but it should also be possible to offload these elements by hand.
      • All the trails will be available to collect on a set of cards to accompany the series, enabling you to enjoy them again.

    • 1.2Mathematics

      conjunto masculine
      • His work on ordered sets and ordinal numbers is fundamental to the subject.
      • This is an example of what is known as a fractal set since its dimension is not a whole number.
      • The elements of a model are irrelevant; it is easiest just to take them to be pure sets, or ordinal numbers, or some other type of familiar mathematical object.
      • For finite sets, the cardinal numbers are the whole numbers.
      • For finite sets of finite entities it is easy to prove Cantor's Theorem, namely that the number of members of a set is strictly less than the number of its subsets.

  • 2

    • 2.1(group, clique)

      she was never at ease with their set nunca se sintió cómoda en su círculo / en ese ambiente
      • he goes around with an odd set anda con un grupo de gente rara
      • the county set la aristocracia menor de provincias

    • 2.2British

      • He said the marking on some papers was ‘scrappy’ and the inconsistent results made it more difficult to place pupils in appropriate sets for next term.
      • But his board of management and the school's patron body said that both sets of pupils should be taught religion together.
      • Numerous sets of on-line students and two years later, I knew the training was for real and had more purposes than I could comprehend at the time.
      • In the top sets, normally the males are applying themselves to the work, rather than taking reams of notes to revise from later.
      • Both sets of students were overall very positive and hoped that we would offer another such project.
      • The government's own research has shattered one of the central planks of his educational philosophy - that the way to raise standards in schools is by putting more pupils in sets.

      grupo de estudiantes seleccionados de acuerdo a sus aptitudes

  • 3

    Television aparato masculine
    Television televisor masculine
    Radio aparato masculine
    Radio receptor masculine
  • 4

    (in tennis, squash)
    set masculine
    he won in straight sets ganó sin conceder / sin perder ningún set
  • 5

    actuación masculine
    serie feminine

    de canciones etc

  • 6

    (in square dancing)

    disposición de las parejas y serie de figuras de la danza

  • 7

    • 7.1Theatre

      (stage) escenario masculine
      (scenery) decorado masculine
      • I only got frustrated being on set, because no director likes being on another person's set.
      • We had a book on set so we could cross reference their work and we could add little bits and pieces to the film when we saw fit.
      • As with the rest of cast, filming in South Africa was an adventure both on set and off.
      • A week later I was on set, about to do a scene, when the head producer walked onto he floor and took my hand.
      • On set or location he does enjoy a challenge, and he loves the life of an actor and wouldn't swap it.
      • The atmosphere on set is very relaxed even if the scenes are very dramatic and tension filled.
      • These are detailed galleries of rare photos taken on the sets of both films.
      • When we are on a set or at a rehearsal for a stage show, we just do not act as husband and wife.
      • These images bear witness to the pair's physical and emotional closeness on set, but the film was not to go smoothly.
      • It is only this year that writers in Hollywood gained the right to be on set.
      • Battles on set were still being fought in the dressing room at the end of the day.
      • The second meeting was when Professor Hawking came on set during filming at Cambridge.
      • So for the party interior scenes we didn't have a props person or an art director on set.
      • By the time the actors arrive on set, Allen evidently knows what he wants to do.
      • When you turn up on set, you know you're going to do it and go home.
      • I was going to ask what your first day was like, having been on so many sets as an actor - what was it like to be on the other side?
      • I don't care about my trailer; I really enjoy hanging around with the crew and actors on set.
      • In spite of the physical demands of the production, however, the actors still found time to have a few chuckles on set.
      • I don't think either one of us comes to the set, or to rehearsals, with preconceived notions of how the scene is going to be.
      • So, we then snuck her onto the set, while we were shooting the scene in the hallway where the ice wall appears.

    • 7.2Cinema

      plató masculine
      to be on set estar en el plató

  • 8

    (in hairdressing)
    marcado masculine
    shampoo and set lavado y marcado masculine
  • 9

    • 9.1(posture, angle)

      the set of her shoulders su postura
      • the set of his cap la manera en que lleva puesta la gorra
      • the set of the sails la posición de las velas
      • to make a dead set at sb/sth
      • he's making a dead set at the presidency se ha propuesto obtener la presidencia
      • she made a dead set at David trató de ligarse a David

    • 9.2(fit)

      the set of the collar is wrong el cuello está mal colocado / no asienta bien

    • 9.3(of wind, current)

      dirección feminine

  • 10

    (cutting, young plant)

    plantas tiernas usadas como simiente

  • 11


There are 3 main translations of set in Spanish

: set1set2set3



  • 1

    • 1.1(ready, prepared)

      to be set estar pronto Uruguay River Plate
      • is everything set for the meeting? ¿está todo pronto para la reunión?
      • we're all set for action estamos listos para la batalla
      • all set (to go)? ¿listos?

    • 1.2(likely, about to)

      to be set to + inf llevar camino de + inf
      • the problem seems set to deepen el problema lleva camino de recrudecer / agravarse

    • 1.3(determined, resolute)

      she seems set for a comeback parece estar decidida / resuelta a hacer su reaparición
      • he was all set to walk out estaba totalmente decidido / resuelto a irse
      • she's absolutely set on that bicycle está empeñada en que tiene que ser esa bicicleta
      • he's dead set on going to college está resuelto / decidido a ir a la universidad sea como sea

  • 2

    • 2.1(rigid, inflexible)

      (smile/expression) forzado
      (smile/expression) falto de espontaneidad
      to be set in one's ways ser poco flexible
      • a man of very set opinions un hombre inflexible en sus opiniones
      • he is firmly set against innovation se opone totalmente a toda innovación
      • I don't come in with a lot of set ideas about how the actors will move or what the staging is.
      • Matt was now quickly walking over to her and Johnny with a set expression on his face.
      • We need a set idea of core values and principles that are not up for discussion.
      • Everyone, from the chief executive down, had become trapped in a set pattern of behaviour.

    • 2.2(solid)

      (jelly/yoghurt/custard) cuajado

  • 3

    (established, prescribed)
    (price/wage) fijo
    meals are at set times las comidas son a determinadas horas
    • there are no set times for visiting no hay horas de visita establecidas
    • there isn't a set procedure for doing it no hay un procedimiento establecido para hacerlo
    • his mornings usually follow a set pattern tiene una rutina establecida para las mañanas
    • one of the set books una de las obras del programa
    • we ordered the set menu/lunch pedimos el menú del día / el menú a precio fijo