Translation of set-top box in Spanish:

set-top box

decodificador de señal digital, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛtˌtɑp ˈbɑks//ˌsɛttɒp ˈbɒks/


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    decodificador de señal digital masculine
    set-top box masculine
    • In other words, there are not enough digital set-top boxes to go around just yet.
    • Fueling such developments is a dramatic rise in the number of digital set-top boxes reaching the marketplace.
    • That model will likely change when enough Americans have digital set-top boxes in their homes.
    • Some of those who fall into this category have a digital set-top box but not a widescreen television.
    • Digital TV can be received through a digital set-top box or digital television.