Translation of settee in Spanish:


sofá, n.

Pronunciation /sɛˈti//sɛˈtiː/


  • 1

    sofá masculine
    • She too, remained seated on the settee, waiting for him to answer her.
    • We've had to send teams around to remove three-seater settees from communal bins.
    • Seated on the edge of her settee, hugging her knees like a nervous child, she waits, listening.
    • He pointed toward one of the settees across from the windows and then commanded Adam to sit.
    • At first stools, and later chairs and settees, were provided for the gentlemen.
    • There were thick green cushions on the settees and rocking chairs.
    • When she turned, Harry was seated on the settee appearing rather at home.
    • Liszt was sitting with Madame Mayendorff on the settee behind me.
    • We chose to sit on a comfortable settee rather than on hard chairs or impractical looking stools.
    • There are also golden settees big enough to seat eight adults.
    • Aislinn found a spot on the blue settee and the doctor seated himself across from her.
    • She saw that the settee was in the middle of the room and the window was opened wider than it had been.
    • He also sprayed her settee and wall-unit with some type of spray that left a white residue.
    • An array of leather high-backed chairs and two large settees would certainly make visitors welcome.
    • I dragged them in front of my bed and sat down on the settee by the window, waiting for Ellie.
    • Robert Naylor, 48, tried to deny giving lethal weapons to a friend by claiming he had sold cars, settees and a three-piece suite.
    • Located on three levels with seating on stools, settees and at conventional tables, the place has a modern airy atmosphere.
    • The set of at least eight chairs, two settees, and four stools was originally in Worsborough Hall in Barnsley, West Riding, Yorkshire.
    • Twelve-year-old Mohammed Ditta sleeps in a hospital bed with his father Mohammed Saleem next to him on a settee.
    • Known as the Gentlemen's Cabin, it was an exclusively male preserve, where men could obtain alcoholic refreshments and lounge on settees.