Translation of setter in Spanish:


setter, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛdər//ˈsɛtə/


  • 1

    setter feminine
    • It is pretty well understood that both whippets and setters were used in the early development of the breed.
    • Because it is smaller than setters and retrievers, the springer is better suited to navigate the thick brush often encountered in bird hunting.
    • As with any drop-eared dog, the setter's closed ear canal can harbor dirt, wax and bacteria.
    • And like the purebred English pointers and setters he reared, Farrior inherited a love of the chase.
    • The setter sniffed the sidewalk, then with a wag of her shaggy tail took off down the street.
    • Upon seeing the approaching beauty, the setter perks up and stands at attention.
    • The setter's long-haired coat easily wards off the north country's brisk autumn climate and punishing brier tangles.
  • 2

    setter of type tipógrafo masculine
    • machine setter montadora